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I have shipped fondant toppers with edible images without having them stick.  I use marshmallow fondant and do not add any tylose.  The edible image goes on when the fondant is still "fresh," then is allowed to dry for a few days with the edible image on.  Once dry I use a product called Press'n Seal Freezer ( to wrap them.  Basically I put...
Thanks for commenting, Leah.  I will have a smaller SPS plate & supports in the extended tier.  It's the support under the 6" on top that I am concerned about showing.  If I have it flush with the top of the cake.  Could I put the support in and buttercream around it so its sort of in the buttercream, or is that making too much of a nightmare of removing the SPS?
Hi,   I'm working on an 8" extended tier (2 8" rounds stacked on top of each other with SPS as supports & iced to look like one tier) that will have a 6" round go on top.  I will be using SPS under the 6" round also.  Both tiers are all buttercream with no border at the base.  Do I need to recess the SPS in to the buttercream top of the 8"?  I plan to pipe a small bit around the base of the 6" once in place, but I am concerned about the plastic plate of the SPS showing....
Just got off the phone with a GSA representative.  They confirmed that the Alan Tetreault color is not just repackaged Americolor and were nice enough to read off the ingredients to me.  Definitely different from Americolor.  While not the exact same as Wilton, seemed to be more similarity there than with Americolor.  Disappointing for sure.
I usually freeze my monster batches of buttercream.  I don't really re-whip, but I do stir it with a spatula to get some of the air bubbles out and make it smoother for piping.  I've never frozen cupcakes with the frosting on.  
Thank you!   When you mean settle with the supports in, about how long do you think it should sit?  I typically torte and fill, then let settle overnight with a weight on top.  Then trim and crumbcoat, which is when I would put the support in for this cake.  Do you think it will need to settle longer after that?  Makes sense that it might.
Hi,   I have an order for an 8" round extended tier with a 6" on top, all buttercream.  I will be treating it basically like a 3 tiered cake.  I plan to do 2 8" rounds, each 4-5 inches tall, stacked on top of each other to make the extended tier.  My thinking is I will torte, fill, and crumb coat each 8" round.  That makes 4 layers of cake and 3 of filling for each half of the extended tier.  I will place a 6" SPS plate & legs in to the bottom half of the extended tier,...
Yet another reason to not buy from GSA.  That is too bad!  I just went to the website and there they are, all Alan Tetreault colors.  I haven't tried them.  Frankly, I am too happy with Americolor to bother paying shipping to try a new kind of color.   Easier to just pay someone else shipping to get Americolor that I know will work.  Will be watching to see if anyone else has tried them though. 
I would think buttercream covered cakepops would be an absolute nightmare.  I honestly don't know if they would even stay on the stick.  I think you would be better off ordering from somewhere like Amazon or just using the color melts you have.  Sorry!
I agree, same rosette technique but done in an almost shabby chic manner.  The goal clearly was not to have rosettes that perfect rows of perfect rosettes.  Definitely some just got a few more circles around, and there seem to be a few sort "swags" to fill spots in.  I really like the effect.
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