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Yay!  So glad the weather was in you favor!  The cake looks gorgeous!  Well done!
The option with dummy cakes doesn't sound like it should be cheaper to me.  You still have to cover & decorate the dummies, and then you have to do the sheet cake, too.   I personally wouldn't offer the $90 buy back.  What if they come back damaged, or you get only part of what was used?  Will you feel comfortable telling her she can't have her money back?   $2.50 a serving sounds on the low side to me for a fondant covered cake, but I get that's what you are offering...
Now THAT I could do on a topsy turvy!!     Thankfully she is scrapping the idea of a topsy turvy and seems to be very open to my design ideas. Yay! Thanks everyone!
You could do a page full of different nines printed out in different sizes and fonts and then use it to pipe and freeze like a buttercream transfer.  I think they would be fragile & I would do a lot to compensate for breakage, but I think it's possible.  It will definitely take longer than piping straight on, but I think it could look very cool!
That is what I am thinking, but I still don't love the idea.  The client sent me a picture of chevron on a straight tier, so I'm thinking she wasn't really aware of how it would look different on a topsy turvy.  Currently trying to convince her to either do a different pattern on a topsy turvy or do chevron on a straight cake.  Thanks for the input!
Hi!   I have a customer asking for a 2 tiered topsy turvy cake.  She wants one tier to have polka dots and the other to have chevron stripes.  I'm struggling with that as I would want the chevron stripes to be completely even, but on a topsy turvy there would be more stripes on one side than another.  I guess I could do the chevron stripes to match the the angle of the tier, but it is going against my need for balance in designs!  What would you do?   Thanks!
I would put fondant on that baby!  Hopefully AZcouture will chime in, but if I remember correctly she refuses to do cakes without fondant for outside venues. 
Looks like buttercream marked with a decorator's comb to me.  I'm used to seeing the lines made by a spatula or spoon, but these are so even I think you are right on with the comb guess.
Thank you for the compliment cakeddc!  I'm lucky in that my 7 year old daughter is not in to disney princesses at all.  We had to convince her to go see Frozen!  I'm sure making them would be even worse if it was constantly around my house, too!  Now Stars Wars, that's another story...     Love everyone's gorgeous cakes!  Louglou, I think that couch cake is wonderful!  Reenrules, both your cakes are awesome!  It looks like I could pick that camera up & start taking...
This brings up a really important point.  As professionals we need to be thinking of our business persona all the time.  My husband saw a comment and picture I posted on cake central of a cake I made that I wasn't happy with.  His reaction was "you better hope your customer never sees that."  We post rants here all the time, but if your website and/or business name is part of your post here, that post can be linked and search engines can find it. Hate to feel so paranoid...
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