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After months of trying I have finally managed to get a smooth cake thanks to all those that helped advise me on my last post!   Ok yes its not perfect but I am happy with that as its a big improvement on other attempts.   My aim by June is to able to make a plain cake with no fancy toppings smooth enough to look like a wedding cake ekkkkk   My dream is to make my own wedding cake...but that's another day lol        
Thank you for your tips ;-) I need to invest in some tools and definitely some bits like bubble wrap! It was typical that I had nothing in the house and was looking around my kitchen like a mad woman trying to find something to support it long enough for it to try! So if I make toppers a week in advance ill have plenty of time for drying ;-) I checked out your toppers they are amazing!!
hahah thankyou...but the little boot sagged.
Great advice thanks so much! Do I buy corn starch from a cake supplies shop or can I get it in supermarkets?   I am yet to try any flowers yet as they just look so hard to do.   The nurses hat sounds like it was so much fun ;-)   Ill remember the "ball test" for the future thanks   Babbo
I got asked to make a baby shower cake for a friend last minute, so I just did what I could with the time I had.   I used coloured fondant and a few cocktail sticks  ;-( ......BUT.... the Question is what do to support my fondant to stop it moving and help dry in time even?   I made this the day before the cake needed to be ready so it sagged and became misshaped ;-(   my friend was really happy but I just want to be happy myself knowing the structure is...
Wow I have never seen anything like this, I didn't even know you could do this with butter cream? So do I just need to buy some cornstarch to give these ago? I may sound daft but what is this "mum" ? Is it a shape if nozzle? Lol
Near me people charge any where from £1 - £3 depending on complexity. If I was you I wouldn't charge less than £60 though. After all it's your time and if you are a business you don't want to be too cheap and regret it x good luck
how did you achieve the bluestone effect on the castle cake? Hello thank for the compliment ... I used a grey fondant and then used a small circular cutter to imprint in slightly to give it texture. I used a blue food colouring on a tiny piece of sponge to add colour to random places and a deep grey to add a different shade too it's really simple yet effective x
Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply! I think I understand where I am going wrong now so I can keep improving
Thank you for your help ;-) I seem to get away with it with novelty cakes as I can hide the side with decorations, its on simple round cakes, plain ones with no room to hide. LOL Reading your advice I think its point 3 I am doing wrong ;-( I bake a cake wait for it to cool, fill it with jam and buttercream.... coat it with a crumb layer then wait only an hour before putting my fondant on. Should I be waiting longer? I've read people bake cakes 3 days before they are...
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