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Did you add the 3/4  to the mix? And how did it work
I knew the thread was old...I just wanted to share the good news....just in case someone is having the same priblem
I always had tons of holes when making WASC cupcakes. So I was determined to figure out a better way and I did and they are awesome!  I sifted all of my dry ingredients, and I blended all of the wet very well before mixing. When I blended them together, I literally counted to 25 (maybe a little quickly than 25 seconds) then I stopped mixing them, I mixed them on the lowest speed. I used a spoon to make sure all was mixed together well. I baked them at 325 and they were...
great tip!
Have you made this recipe again??? I would love to try it!!!
where do i buy marscopone???
So do you mix the preserves with the choco fudge???? Im a little confused. Sounds so good though!
Thanks you again... But that leaves a lot of decorating at the last minute:( So I guess I will have to fill Tuesday..... or what about today?
Thank u both! I would like to fill the cake today Sunday and have the cake for Wednesday. I'm somewhat worried about the taste being affected and how the slices will look when cut. Don't want it to look like its bleeding. The filling is made of fresh raspberries,sugar and whipping cream. So can I fill today?
I want to make a cake advance that how has raspberry filling. How far in advance should I put this cake together. I do not want bleeding or anything like that. Help!!
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