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as the title says, what is the best coconut cake recipe? thank you (:
I think im going to try the chocolate ganache (: it sounds good!
Hi! i wanted to know what filling would taste good in a chocolate cake with white chocolate butter cream! (: NO PEANUT BUTTER, I HATE THE TASTE OF PEANUT BUTTER AND SOMEBODY ATTENDING THE PARTY IS ALLERGIC. Thank you so much ! (:
Hello (: im making a chocolate cake and im going to use buttercream frosting. i was wondering what a good filling to use in between the layers would be. Thank you !
@ddaigle lol (x @janjess Thanks for the recipe ill definitely try it ! (: @leah_s Thanks so much! im gonna try i read really good reviews ! (: 
im making a cake for my neices 1st birthday and its going to be at a water park, the cake will be under a tent thing but the outside will be like 90 degrees. Im looking for a frosting that will hold up against the heat. If i cant i will just have to leave the cake at the house and go get it later, but i was really hoping to have the cake out for the looks. well thank you (:
Oh my ! reading back on it now is sounds really confusing! sorry about that ! basically i dont want to use fondant but i want to make icing roses and icing ruffles, but i feel like the butter cream will melt in the heat (its an outdoor party, and there will be a tent over it, but we live in henderson Nevada so we are talking like 90 degrees on a normal day) i want a tasty icing that wont melt in the heat and that i would be able to make icing roses and icing ruffles. I...
its a white cake.. i forgot to say that :p
im making a white cake, for my neices first birthday. Im going to make IMHO from Michelle Bratko because of the wonderful reviews. Originally i was going to use buttercream frosting because i was going to put fondant over it, but i decided against that because i decided i wanted the frosting to be ruffled. so what would be the best frosting for that, and what would be the most delicious recipe you have for that? Thank you so much (:
I thought i commented on this when i say your post but i guess i didnt (x i guess im like a year late (x but thank you, i loved it! im going to be baking for my neice's 1st birthday and i need it to be perfect ! her 1st birthday is this year but i was looking for recipes i liked this whole time ! this is by far my favorite, if you have a new favorite, please tell ^.^ oh and THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH ! (:
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