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Hello,I’m making gumpaste/fondant roses (50/50) as cupcake toppers for a bridal shower. The roses are white and I would like to add some disco dust to add some bling but the rose itself needs some shine. What do you recommend? Should I steam the rose first and then add the disco dust? Should I use confectioner’s glaze and then add the dust? Or do I add the dust and then steam or use glaze??Please helpTara
If you don't live in Maryland please feel free to share with me
I ordered Windsor ClickStix's from Global Sugar Arts and I really like them.
I switched to 3" pans recently because I like having a full 2" layer even after I level my cake. I bake my cakes at 325, use baking strips and switched to rose nails after reading that tidbit on CC I haven't had any problems, thank goodness.Tami
In the Baking and Pastry Arts program I am attending they used a Kopy Kake airbrush machine. I really liked the machine so much I bought one and have been very happy with my decision. Here's the link for additional this helps,Tami
I'm said when making your cakes you would do a 8/8/6 top tier, 10/10/8 middle and 12/12/8 bottom tier...shouldn't that be 12/12/10?? Don't you make your bottom layer 2 inches shorter when carving down?Thanks,Tami
Considering you don't bake a lot and have never used fondant and you made a topsy turvy cake. I'm giving you an A+++ Great job on cake Tami
I really like the Reynolds foil liners...never had a problem with them
For my frosting recipe I use butter, PS, and heavy cream and I've had no problems leaving it out.
Hi Norma,Below is the recipe we made last semester in culinary school. It might seem a little time consuming but it is worth it!!! It is very good and the taste of the butter in the bread....YUM!! We made several different treats that day but everyone agreed this was their favorite. We also made our own vanilla bean ice cream and put some on top Enjoy,TamiApple CharlotteYields: two, 7 inch diameter (at the bottom) brioche pans.Note: more commonly, apple charlottes are...
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