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Dear such and such there will be no refund being that I informed you that the tasting platter is $25 so I'm out $5 sorry but it seems that I am now booked on that day thank you blah blah blah
If you told her prior to the appointment that she needed to pay for the tasting platter I would tell her the money she gave you was for that and that you had informed her of this before the tasting than I would cut her loose. Before you agree to another tasting I would tell them you want the $25 up front or at least have them sign something saying it will cost them $25 for the tasting platter
I use high ratio shortening and heavy whipping cream in my buttercream.... the more fat content the yummier it is....just my opion
I'm on my smart phone it had a mind of its own when it comes to grammer
So I use heavy whipping cream in my buttercream. So it's fine to leave it out at room temperature for alittle while? I usually refrigerate right away
Never Ever is right!! Hes never even made a cake ...just did the business end of it Shanter is completely welcome on my team!!
Yes it will be fine. But come over to the yumier side and use high ratio shortening instead of Crisco
Yeah sorry to say there are some rude people here...I don't think they mean to be rude they are looking out for your best interest but it still comes across as rude. Do make sure you can take your cake into the venue..Wouldn't want to do all that work and than not have it aloud into the venue. As far as the cost cover all your ingredients than the rest is up to you if you want to charge for your time than do so but if you dont charge for your time be prepared for calls...
Yes I meant doubt And yes Jason makes valid points but he does it ALL the time. I'm sure she's a hobby baker and doesn't have a license
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