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Good luck
Yes she's making it sound like she's ready to open a successful business right now
I know that the Op said in another thread that she was putting her business on hold but in this post she posted that if needed her fiance would quit his job and she would also use her brother for help...that's all fine and dandy until the bills need to be paid
I'm not going to fight with you. In your post before you said that you had help that he would quit his job to help. And you say successful that means making enough money to cover what he was making at his job and what you are making at yours and there was your brother who needs to be paid and all the cost to run the whole business and health care. We would all love to quit our real jobs to make easy money to bad this isn't such the case
Oh the thought of easy money.....I'm gonna ask my husband to quit his job and help me make buttercream and cakes, I'm pretty sure he'll look at me like are you crazy be realistic has lots of recipes to choose from . I've only tried the ultimate vanilla cupcake off the site but they are to die for
Www.Cupcakeproject. Com has lots of recipes. I've only tried the ultimate vanilla cupcake so far but wow its oh so yummy. Make sure to bake them for just as long as it says no longer
I read a old post on here where a lady used a scrapbook punch to punch out small butterflies ....she rolled out fondant to the thickness needed let it harden for a couple of minutes than punched out small butterflies. I know I have a small butterfly punch not sure where I bought it but I would look at micheals or hobby lobby. Im not sure if these are exactly what you are looking for Jane welcome to cc here is a video on how to use the mat hopefully it will help you out. Happy baking Kat
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