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Posts by kazita im not sure where this store is located or if they have satin ice but they do have a phone number on there site so you could call them Im not sure if this is what you are looking for.....I went to goggle and typed in cake supply stores in north dallas area . Before you go to any of them I would call first and see if they have what you are looking for
I heard has tons to choose from
Lol sorry I made it sound like the Cupcakeproject is my personal web page.... I wish it was but thats not the fact its a web page that I stumbled apon . I've only tried the ultimate vanilla cupcakes on the web page and like I said they are quite yummy. Happy Baking Kat
I know that you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your cupcakes but I have a website that has recipes for the cupcakes themselves. Im a hobby baker and making from scratch scared me at first but I made the ultimate vanilla cupcakes they are so yummy even my daughter who is picky loves them. Its hopefully you don't have to have surgery, I ended up having surgery for my ulnar nerve but sounds like you are doing great without surgery. Best of...
Maybe im missing it, but do you have a price for your cookies? I didnt see one looking over the site. Beauiful work I would definitely pay your prices , I love your detail work
Happy to help and I love it when people reply back that I did help them. Happy baking. Kat
This utube video is to help with using the tool called "the mat" im not telling you to buy the mat, even though after watching this video I do want to buy it lol. Anyways at the end of the viedo she talks about how to smooth the fondant onto your cake just a few inches at a time all around the cake rather than smoothing the cake all at once....I found the video very informative. Hth. Kat
Ok I went to google and typed in " how to make a fondant lion by rondalv utube" and it brought up the video that im trying to show you
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