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Ive read here to order sweetex z. Z is for zero trans fats but it is still high ratio shortening but you can put the fat back into your buttercream icing by using heavy whipping cream when you make your buttercream
Oh darn I asked the wrong person to make me peanut I usually make my own but I had surgery and have a broken foot.. so you need to make extra brittle for me. yummy
Why would people want cake to sit around that long? Umm Gross
Peonys not penny's
Design me a cake has a DVD on how to make penny's too large peony cutters hopefully this link goes through
Real flowers from a florist or fake ones that look nice seems the price would be comparison if that's a wood lol. Get her to sign something saying it's not your fault if they wilt because sure as heck if they do she will be blaming you for it....and if you go with the green water absorbing stuff make sure to charge her for it
If you do this you want to have the bride sign something saying that you are not responsible for what the flowers look like on the cake. She's been warned by the florist so I would cover myself from her blaming you if they wilt....or altogether refuse to use them
Oh and you better make sure that she realizes that you won't be doing the batman cake
Dear such and such there will be no refund being that I informed you that the tasting platter is $25 so I'm out $5 sorry but it seems that I am now booked on that day thank you blah blah blah
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