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The craft stores sell cardboard cake boxes...wont your pies fit in one of those?? sorry...see if this works this is very pretty but im sure it takes practice to get it right..
I did the was a fun class...its been along time ago I cant remember if it gave a lace look...I want to say it gave more of a nice piping look....
I've too have been making cakepops ...scarecrow and snowmen....I love them.....I have no idea of the answer to your question but would love to see a picture of your pops. .
Oh the recipe I use (the wilton one) you aren't suppose to put the dough in the frig but I do anyways to do like you say...get a firmer crisper cookie that holds its shape..
So I've been making question is does anyone know why when you use a regular cookie stick the pops dont fall off when dipped but when you use the designer straws they tend to fall off??
Brown sugar wont cause any problems? ? Im asking? ? Its got a different texture then white sugar. .
I just reread what OP wrote....ive never heard of brown sugar used in roll out cookie recipe....does that make a difference? ? And did you use eggs?? Just wondering
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