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Oh that's to bad I'm sorry that you did all that work for it to turn out badly.
I've been searching the internet and cc and this chocolate cake recipe gets high reviews. I've never tried it it just keeps coming up with good reviews. HAPPY BAKING.
Oh wow that would make a hell of a difference in recipes!! YIKES
It can be done here's a cake where a lady made one she talks alittle about making him but she doesn't really show how to make him but it is a good visual.
Oops sorry I've only watched lion king once and it was years ago. I can't seem to find warthog made out of fondant. I made a lion king themed cake last summer and I bought the animals off of eBay. This video makes a cute lion
Damn those husbands with the best of intentions!!! Hope he was like oh CRAP I'm sorry.
Wow wonderful family!! Yep I for sure would be booked for that day.
I don't know what Sunday diner is so I'm unsure if you can buy high ratio shortening there or not. Do you have a restaurant depot anywhere close by you ? They sell it at those stores or a specialty cake supply store would also carry it. It shouldn't be to hot as of yet to buy high ratio shortening online and have it shipped should be ok.
Damn you're good...This is true this is gonna be GREAT for your business! ! I also want FREE cake!!
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