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Darn!! Is was worth a try.
Make sure to take pictures of the cake after its set up so the bride can't come back and say something was wrong with the cake.
Good advice. It does sound like the bride might want something in your contract changed.
Yes I've tried that method , it was pretty easy and turned out pretty smooth. I want to try this method the next time I make a cake
The top tier on the first cake looks bigger than the bottom tier , it's probably the same size but it looks alittle weird. Jmo.
I was on pinterest and found this perfectly smooth cake and it said it came from this website so I've been addicted to this site ever since and I rarely go on pinterest anymore. Here's the perfectly smooth cake that I saw.
Oh ok Yeah I probably couldn't remember a question from a year ago either. Funny how it's exactly a year ago.
Oh wow the original post is exactly a year old.
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