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Can only find them for $5 cheaper
In my chocolate cakes I put a nice thick dam than I actually buy hot fudge sundae topping made for ice cream. I first put a thick dam of buttercream I than take the metal lid off and place the topping in the microwave for 15 seconds to make it spreadable , I put a thin layer of the topping on and spread it out to all sides of the dam. Its very yummy and good being cold if you put your cake in the frig. HAPPY BAKING
Lmao!! Yeah they won't be getting a high off the shortening funny.
I found out about high ratio shortening through Edna De la Cruz I use to use crisco now that I've tried the high ratio shortening it is like night and day between the two and I too think butter is just to rich, I've also tried buttercream made with butter and I just didn't like it. I think high ratio shortening is getting a bad reputation just because people hate crisco and the two don't even compare. I did want to buy the shortening in the 50 pounds but yeah I don't...
You can make Buttercream using high ratio shortening not crisco . Thats what I use. He's awful picky isn't he.
Each to its own but butter is unstable in the hot summer months that are coming.
You can buy high ratio shortening in 3 pound or 50 pound sizes you can buy it at a cake supply store or a restaurant depot or online. If you buy it online its best to do it before it gets to hot so that it doesn't melt during shipping.
Oh no GROSS! ! It's completely different thing. It makes buttercream taste yummy unlike gross crisco.
If its your moms thirty something birthday I can only assume that you aren't very old maybe in your teens I'm just guessing. Anyways going off my assumption I would either go with either vanilla or chocolate whatever you think your mom would like better. I than would just go with a buttercream filling too just easier for you to do. This is all on the assumption that you are in your teens and are being a really nice daughter/son wanting to make your mom a nice birthday...
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