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Lol they were thinking " Ahh oh look what mom make us to eat! Aren't these pretty and oh so YUMMY , thanks mom " lol.
That's what I'm thinking too. Its to much fat and not enough sugar . For one pound each you would need more sugar in there but if you just double the amount of sugar it will be dry and crumbly I think . My recipe also has 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream in it and that makes a stiff icing.
Ok I may be wrong and I'm sure if I am someone will correct me but you are using to much butter and shortening to that amount of sugar. I use 2 cups shortening in my buttercream which is a pound and I use 2 pounds of sugar to that amount. So you need one cup of butter and one cup of shortening to 2 pounds of sugar. Hopefully this makes sense.
Oh No see what happens when we greet the ones we love!! Kidding. Oops guess those kiddos are full yep no supper for them.
I've never tried this one but I've read on here that its s good one. Same with this one I've never tried it but I've read on here that its a good one.
This is a really cute cake it could be changed to be for girl or if they don't know the gender it could be made in a neutral color.
This is a Google's search on vantage baby cakes.
You didn't just send the bride a card with a "I'm sorry " along with at least 20% back?I just think it would be the best thing to do instead of waiting around for the bride to call and complain or worse never call you just bad mouth you to people. Jmo
Even though this is a old post people can still learn from this video
They look pretty real to me. Just my opinion.
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