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Easy fix buy high ratio shortening and use that. And my recipe I also use 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream instead of water.
This one is suppose to be very yummy.
Did you just buy a new mixer or the new scraper paddle? If its the paddle make sure that you bought the right size one for your machine, they do come in different sizes. Anyways if you have a KA you can do what is called as"The dime adjustment" put your regular paddle on your machine that came with your KA and do as this video that will solve your problem and you'll be able to use the...
I absolutely LOVE my KA and I've had it for several years. I got it as a birthday gift from DH and he says its the best gift that he ever gave me, I would have to agree it is one of the best gifts he had ever giving me. I too bought the paddle that people are talking about, it scrapes the mixer bowl while its mixing so that you don't have to stop it and hand scrape the bowl. You need to make sure that you buy the right size paddle for the size mixer that you buy. I bought...
Oops wrong spelling "background" anyways HAPPY BAKING
I believe they used this to do the back round design.....or at least it looks like it.
This thread talks about a cake that looks like the one that you posted.
I don't know about the buttercream recipe in the book that you are trying to use right now. You say that you're trying to move to higher quality ingredients , well using crisco vegetable shortening is greasy and in my opinion GROSS. To make a better buttercream use high ratio shortening, it is made out of different oils and different additives and makes for a better tasting buttercream. You can buy high ratio shortening at a cake specialty shop a restaurant depot or...
Trex I believe is the equivalent of Crisco in the US and crisco leaves a yucky gross greasy taste and feeling in your mouth not sure if you can get high ratio shortening in the UK so not sure if you can make sugar shacks recipe or not.
You don't want to dry the flowers flat, you want them to have the curve of the cake so I'm not sure it's you want to dry them before putting on the cake or just cut them out and put them on the cake while the there still soft . All I know is you don't want them to dry flat.
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