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Hello, just recently there was a lady on here who did her frozen transfer a few weeks ahead of time and it turned out fine.
Hi there NHQueen and welcome to cc! Umm I would imagine that you could make some of the recipes by hand mixing but I haven't read through this whole thread so I don't know of the recipes that are posted in this particular thread. I do know that my particular buttercream really needs to be made with at least a hand mixer and one lady that came on here only had a hand mixer and used it just fine in making my recipe.
Hi there....I see this is a old thread but they mention high ratio shortening . Its high in fat content ( sp ) anyways it also has other ingredients to make it hold liquid and sugar better it really makes a hugedifference in making buttercream. Its not Crisco crisco is now trans fat free.You can buy high ratio shortening at a cake supply store a restaurant depot or
Do you mean buttercream not ice cream? If you mean ice cream I don't know if the trick that I'm gonna give you a link to will work. Read through the entire thread people ask questions and leah answers them.
If high ratio shortening zero has tras fat in it its minimal I use the high ratio shortening with trans fat in it regardless what one you use high ratio shortening is way better than crisco. And butter has trans fat in it, so one could argue against using butter. Anyways high ratio shortening has addtives in it that make the shortening behave differently than normal shortening , it holds more water and sugar and leaves a less greasy taste and feeling in your mouth. High...
You are very welcome. You'll have to let me know if you use it. I would love to see that on a wedding cake that someone from here has done. HAPPY BAKING.
This thread is 3 years old. Lol but my suggestion was gonna be to try maybe using the mat.
You can try this its buttercream on buttercream. You would need to wash the stencil between every side and dry it well and that doesn't cover the top of the cakes. I really don't know how easy this is to do she just makes it look very easy. Another thing to consider is that the buttercream have to be two diffrent colors for this to show up but an ivory and white would be pretty.
Hi there,I see that you have a sheet cake to do, I've read that those are harder to do than a round cake just because it's hard to do sharp corners. So you'll need to practice on square cakes too. Practice makes perfect.
Hi there Auntginn , I have never used ganache but just the other day there was a thread on here where someone had posted a utube video about ganache. I'll post the first video and if you watch it you can see where to find the next two utube videos . Hope this helps you.
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