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Is this what you are looking for?
I read that if you purchase the mat that you really want to spend the extra money and buy the pro mat yes its expensive but it has all the markings on it and it tells you how much fondant that you will need to cover the size cake that you are working with, making things way easier. Here's a video about how to use the mat. I've also heard that you want a nice heavy rolling pin to use with the...
Here's a thread about the mat.
If you're asking how many liners again the answer would be hundreds. I'm confused too , " cups of chocolate how many cups can we make?" are you asking what can you add to a cupcake like fruit or something?
If you scroll down there is a chart it says 19 severings.
As Jason had mentioned pricing cakes depends on your ingredients , time it took to make the cake and cost of your overhead fees . You are suppose to have a licensed and inspected kitchen to sell baked goods from your home. It also depends on where you live the cost of pricing a cake differs from region to region that's where Jason gets the price of anywhere from $3-8 per severing.
I really like answering peoples questions if I can , if I have trouble answering the question I will either not answer the question or I myself will do a Google search find the answer and bring back the link for the question. Thats what this site is ALL about to learn from each other . HAPPY BAKING.
Yeah its a hard pill ti swallow, people who don't do cakes have absolutely No idea how much work goes into a cake . People just think oh alittle baking and decorating and there it is a wonderful cake creation. You have to accept that people won't ever realize how much work goes into caking only another cake person understands all the blood, sweat and tears and you put into your creations. Dust yourself off hold your head high you did nothing wrong and take pictures and...
Oh I am so very sorry that the accident happened, thank goodness you are alright. The cake must of not been to bad if people were still able to eat it and you said that it looked ok from the front. Did you take pictures of the cake after you set it up? If it looked ok than if the bride decides to sue you can at least show that the cs ke looked ok when you left it. Lets hope it doesn't go that far. Give the bride a full refund and maybe even offer a small cake if she would...
Easy fix buy high ratio shortening and use that. And my recipe I also use 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream instead of water.
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