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Well I live in the US so you can buy me one of everything and have it shipped to me...Hehe.
Did you order everything that I want too? Hehe
You are gonna put the cracked cake on the uncracked cake? Now its just me but I would put the cracked layer on the bottom, I just feel that it would be more stable on the bottom rather than the middle of the cake.
I'll be looking for your post to see how it turned out for you. I never use to crumb coat and just by accident last year I was in a rush to go somewhere so I put a thin layer of icing on and put my cake in the frig for a few hours until I had time to finish decorating it, when I took it out and put a second coat on it to cover it better it went on SOOO much easier! Now I know a lot of people don't even crumb coat but I just do what works best for me. And to the OP it does...
I haven't recently heard anything about GSA but I would still be safe than sorry and for sure use PayPal. Better safe than sorry.
I see this post is a few weeks old but thought I would put a utube video that shows how to smooth buttercream .
I can't say why you're getting the ring I'm unsure why that's happening. Are you doweling your cake for support? I think the cake should be fine, especially if you dowel the tier above it. Hope things work out ok.
Here's a video on how to make your buttercream nice with sharp edges. You need to start out with a nice cake before putting on your fondant.
Here's a video showing how to use the mat. Sweet wise still carries the original mat without the markings from what I've read you want the ones with the markings it makes things way easier.
As to color from looking at the picture the flowers look like a peach , light peach and cream or ivory color that's by looking at the picture. HAPPY BAKING .
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