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As to color from looking at the picture the flowers look like a peach , light peach and cream or ivory color that's by looking at the picture. HAPPY BAKING .
@Auntginn, that's ok it just looks like they took circle cutters and cut them out than frilled the edges a lot than did each colored flower alittle different. OP maybe cutters something like these
It looks like yummy chocolate buttercream.
They look completely round to me , I might be wrong but I don't see where the six petal cutter would give you the flower in the picture. Jmo.
Good deal cheaper the better.I didn't know what they were called, I knew what you meant but I had to get a wilton book out and look for them to find the name of them than went to the wilton site to look them up. I had a wilton book right next to me so it wasn't hard to do. Glad you found some.
That's the most adorable cake ever. Great job.
It looks like they bought a set of circle cutters and used them to cut out each layer of petals, than frilled the edges a lot and simply gave each colored flower a diffrent center.
This recipe calls for 6 oz. White chocolate chips that's one bag of chocolate chips hopefully that's affordable. Look further down after the directions it says variations thats where it tells you to add the chocolate in. Here you go. HAPPY BAKING.
In the video it shows that she uses a very small amount of powdered sugar to help prevent pot marks in the fondant.
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