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I like the one truffle box second down on the left it holds I believe 3 truffles.
I don't know about pricing but there is a lot if packaging ideas Just one site of many. I don't usually tell people to google because I'm more than happy to google and get a website and bring the link back here but in this instance there are tons of options the link I'm giving you is just one of many. Remember for sure to add your packaging into your price. How many you package in a pack depends on what type...
I've never made it but I've read here that micheles fosters fondant is quite yummy.
Your cake was absolutely adorable. ...with all the pieces to put back on I'm sure next weeks will be just as fabulous. Sorry you're losing $$ on the deal.
We can read your post we can't see the picture because its on a blocked facebook page
Very well said and I completely agree with just trying to save what you can...first take a few pictures of course , than take off what in good faith can be used again. I know its hard but try and smile and remake the cake next week.
Lmao l know right!! I laughed too...can't believe someone spent their time complaining about cute cupcakes that were a whole $1.40 .
I use heavy whipping cream in making my icing and there is enough powdered sugar in my icing that I can leave my icing out and its fine.
I see a lot of cakes with just the turtles heads on the cake can be really cute.
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