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Hi there,I see that you have a sheet cake to do, I've read that those are harder to do than a round cake just because it's hard to do sharp corners. So you'll need to practice on square cakes too. Practice makes perfect.
Hi there Auntginn , I have never used ganache but just the other day there was a thread on here where someone had posted a utube video about ganache. I'll post the first video and if you watch it you can see where to find the next two utube videos . Hope this helps you.
I don't even know the actual name brands of all my scrapbook punches, I bought most of them st either a scrapbook store or the scrapbook isle of the craft stores I go to.
Throw some of that plastic happy darn birthday piece on my walmart cake PLEASE!!
Yikes! Ok I went and looked up flotsam ( had to google search that word. ) so like GROSS floating plastic pieces in MY walmart cake!!! Must be from that darn machine breaking down in the factory where they make them.
What in the heck are flotsam plastic pieces! Do I need to google search that? Oh my scrach my head in wondering what in the H*** are they putting in there cakes.
Ok so we have frozen than microwaved warm yellow can't forget MOIST , bitter cake mmmm yummy! Throw some of that store made buttercream on there to top it all off!!
You can go to michaels, hobby lobby or joann fabrics and use 40% or on certain weeks 50 % coupons on one single item and michaels and hobby lobby take the other stores coupons. I went to each stores website and downloaded where I get there weekly coupons.
Here's a video on how to do the Chevron. She makes it look easy. Here's a video on how to make a large rose. I would imagine you can buy the rose cutter from there store online. Here's a hydrangea cutter Here's the rose cutters Not cheap
I myself have never ordered from GSA I just happened to be around when a few people were having problems with charges being put on there cc when they hadn't ordered anything, GSA must be a really good site because people who have had problems said they would order from the again they just said that they would use PAYPAL from now on. SO HAPPY SHOPPING.
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