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Here's a video on how to make a tiara, you could color your fondant/gumpaste mixture s pretty color before making it that way you don't have to worry about airbrushing it. It will be very fragile so be careful with it.
Use gumpaste and fondant a half and half mix You can find gumpaste at michaels, hobby lobby or joann fabrics . Use a coupon to get 40% off the gumpaste
Mine hurts when I stand on it so no standing and doing cakes for me, not right now. Yes it sucks being injured. Hope you feel better soon.
Lmao Oh what a tangled web we weave.
I know exactly how you feel. I had foot surgery and can't stand so no baking for me. Mine went alittle wrong and I probably have to have more really sucks.
I'm assuming we're talking about flooding cookies. I have never done it but I googled a website on how to do a simple looking cookie You can also cover your cakes using buttercream and I'm sure there are other things to cover it in.
Happy soon to be Birthday Auntginn
I know what you mean about not sleeping. ....thus site it additive for sure.
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