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You don't say what flavor you want here's a highly rated chocolate recipe And here's a vanilla recipe. Make sure to follow directions on both recipes and HAPPY BAKING.
I've read that this is a great recipe. Its very rich.
It sounds like they just want the tasting experience no matter what cake its for. Now its up to you if you Even agree to do it at all. If it were me I would make a small 6 inch cake in the flavor that the grooms cake is gonna be and slice it into severings than let them take it in a to go bag, that's what I would do if I even agreed to do it at all.
Yeah there was a discussion on here today about using computer paper for smoothing your cake. Maybe on that video that I posted you only want to wait a couple minutes before you use the Viva on the sides because she smooths the sides than comes back and takes more buttercream off the top so you don't want a hard crust on the cake just enough crust that the paper towel doesn't stick to the sides and pulls your buttercream off you don't want that happening.
I really like this video only thing she doesn't tell you is you want to wait about 10 minutes before you do the viva towel smoothing let your buttercream crust alittle before doing the viva towel method. If you can't find viva I've read on here that you can use a clean piece of computer paper to smooth your buttercream yep you read it right computer printing paper.
I haven't ever tried this recipe as of yet , I just found out about it last week you'll have to let me know how yours turns out. I've read in the reviews that its a very deep rich cake.
I might be mistaken but not everyone involved in this topic do have a crusting buttercream.
Oh I'm just usually wanting to be done once the cake is done and I always am guilty of not immediately doing my cake making dishes. ...hehe my hubby is such a sweetheart that he usually feels for me and all the time that I put into a cake that most of the time he does the clean up. I can imagine with a little one you need to take a picture asapAgain nice job.
Here's the double chocolate cake recipe, it gets high reviews.
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