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Here's a thread about how to make a shoe click on the links
I know that you're asking leah about her agbay and she'll probably reply....I don't own one but have heard nothing but good about them . I've read on here of so many people wanting to own one. Here's there website they have a video of a lady using it. Only complaint I've read about it other than the cost of course is that it works so good that you only get to use it for a minute.
I started out using wilton gel colors but now I'm slowly replacing all those with Americolor color gels you can buy them at hobby lobby or online. I also use to use wiltons flower nails as heating cores but they rust very easily so I recommend these.
Why not do a butter cream transfer...I've never done one but they look really neat if done right.
Just remember it will take longer to bake all the way through watch it carefully so that it doesn't get overcooked.
Yeah I've read on here that its best to lower oven temperature to 325 when baking a cake.
I don't know what 180c temperature is because I'm in the US and I don't know how to figure the difference out but a hour and and a half in an oven seems like a long time but it does depend on what temperature you're cooking at.
Well its now up to you you can either fill and ice these cakes or start all over again. You really need to use a separate oven thermometer to test to make sure the temperature isn't off... I've read on here that you would be surprised how many ovens are off quite a bit
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