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OMG!!! TO FUNNY. I would of just died.
See I thought of those sizes too but thought the cake would look squatty I like either adding one more smaller tier or looking at the chart that Annie provided.
Don't bang the pans it makes your cakes dry.....really what a joke. I'm just a hobby baker and I know better than that wow what some people think. I should say I'm am a hobby baker but have been making cakes for 15 years for family and friends.
Best I can do is google mickey mouse clubhouse cake images and give you ideas ...sorry Well I can suggest that depending on what cake you pick you can make the clubhouse out of RKT.
I can't believe that no one else is jumping in here on suggestions on cake sizes I'm terrible at figuring cake sizing.
This is wiltons cake cutting chart it tells you how many servings you get in round cakes but a 16 round serves a 100 than go down from there if she wants a 3 tier cake you need to make a smaller cake and make kitchen cakes to make up the severings. I would make something like a 12, 8, 6 tier cake than a couple kitchen cakes. Course I just figured out that a 12, 8, 6 only feeds like a 100 people but...
With all the threads on here lately about strawberries I sure do feel lucky that I have a cake shop in my town where I can buy a already to go sleeve of strawberry filling....just saying.
You cook the layers of cakes level in pan than wrap in cling wrap a few times to freeze. Take out of freezer a few hours before you plan on decorating and leave cling wrap on while its thawing out on your counter. I've never froze cupcakes.
There will be more people here to tell you exact sizes of cakes but there gonna have to be big to feed that many people than the cake will look short fat and squatty if she only wants 3 tiers. You can make a smaller size cake than make what they call kitchen cakes to make up the difference in how many servings you'll need.
Yeah I have most of his books and have tried several of the recipes most of them turning out pretty close to the original recipes.
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