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Yeah I have most of his books and have tried several of the recipes most of them turning out pretty close to the original recipes.
This doesn't answer your question but there have been lots if threads on here about cream cheese frosting not holding up to heat very well. The cake needs to be refrigerated for most of the time can't sit at the reception for hours on end.
Cake flour also yields a softer textured cake.
Lol Todd Wilbur has KFCs recipe published in his recipe book, my family loves it when I make the chicken oh I just looked it up you can buy the recipe on Todd Wilbur website for .79 cents....I have most of his books I love his recipes.
If they give you $200 and you were gonna give them at least s $100 as a gift than that's $300 you can spend towards making a cake. I'm not saying you'll be able to make a cake that large for $300 but if you budget and use coupons at michaels or hobby lobby you might be able to make a nice cake for around that price or it could cost a lot more depending on the design.
I use to give out my buttercream recipe here quite frequently but some people here don't like using high ratio shortening or shortening at all for that matter so I started PM it to people but I hardly give it out any more because I take the time to type it all out just to have the person say well ill just use crisco and it will be fine.....nope Crisco is gross and the recipe taste completely different. I do still give it out sometimes but not as much as I use to and I've...
I too don't like this particular cake there are tons of minnie mouse cakes to choose from .
I would also say the babycakes cakepop maker I used it once in a pinch and realized making them by hand taste way better.
This has nothing to do with what you are asking but I think this cake would be so much prettier with glam ribbon on it from buy it in 36 inch long strips and cut it to what size you need, even just on the bottom tier in the pink color or silver would add so much to the look of it. Or is it purple the color of that flower? They have purple color too.
You yourself said you would of given $100 to the couple as a gift , well making that large of a cake is gonna run into hundreds of dollars so as tactful as you can explain to them that the cake will cost way more than what you thought.
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