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Yay happy to help....HAPPY BAKING This one with lights on it would be real pretty on a cake Not sure if you want to decorate with real or not....I googled artificial twigs a nd got several sites maybe you can find something. Hope this helps
2 of the stands I showed you from Amazon.. I think there really pretty but obviously it's up to you would buy.I hope you're for.
There called turn tables or lazy susans depending on where you get it. I have a wilton turn table that I bought from Michaels craft store using a 40% coupon , but my husband bought me a really nice one for Christmas at bed bath and beyond. Welcome to cc and HAPPY BAKING
Nice cake and you did a nice job on the bow. I know you said you want s plain round one but here's a beautiful round one. One thing to stay away is the cheap Styrofoam ones. This is a link to a 14 inch square plateau but if you Google cake plateaus you get tons on websites with choices. I personally like Amazon just because there a well know site.
I agree I would get s 14 inch for a 12 inch cake but the last one I gave you a link to says its 14 and 3/4 inch big but I personally think its beautiful. I think it should hold a 3 tier cake just fine.
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