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I hate going to the dentist because they have trouble numbing me up it doesn't usually take so than they have to use gas on me and I still feel some of the pain... but right now I'm in constant pain so hopefully they'll be able to fix the tooth and take away the pain.
I don't feel that you're crossing the line, I mean at least you asked the other bakers permission to copy her work. Now I'm not sure but because its a hello kitty cake there might be copyrights on it meaning whoever created hello kitty has copyrights to it, you can get into trouble by making a cake if it had copyrights to it..its highly unlikely that the original copyrighter would contact you but you are suppose to get their permission to copy any likeness of hello...
I like sugar cookies.....but chocolate chip is good too.
Is this it? The green one.
THANKS, now if I was just tomorrow at 1pm so I can go to the darn dentist....I hate going to the dentist but having a cracked tooth is worse than going.
So darn excited i found it !
That's not near enough powdered sugar to make your buttercream crust, I made my buttercream using high ratio shortening not butter but I use 2 cups shortening and at least 2 pounds of powdered sugar so you would need at least 2 pounds of sugar if not more.
You're so very welcome. I usually can't find the stuff like people post here in pictures. I post links to utube videos but hardly ever a post to a picture but like I said I was determined to find it plus I'm awake with a toothache thank goodness I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to take care of my tooth. Thanks for coming back and thanking me I really appreciate when people here thank people .
Hope this helps
I'm doing a HAPPY dance because I found it , was determined to keep looking because its so pretty I think I might buy it myself.
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