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I'm doing a HAPPY dance because I found it , was determined to keep looking because its so pretty I think I might buy it myself.
Yay I found it!!! Its in the middle row third one down its turned upside down but its the one! HAPPY BAKING!! Oh here I was able to copy and paste it here it is
I for sure would be telling them that the cake will take a minimum of 50 hours to make and even at minimum wage its gonna cost them x amount of dollars.
And she won't tell you where she bought the mold from? HAPPY BAKING
Are you asking for a buttercream recipe? I'm so confused your post says you were gonna use buttercream and fondant than decided against that.
Wow is that cake ever beautiful.
Are you crumb coating your cake? Try thinning your icing some to see if it spreads easier and stays in place.
OMG!!! TO FUNNY. I would of just died.
See I thought of those sizes too but thought the cake would look squatty I like either adding one more smaller tier or looking at the chart that Annie provided.
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