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Hi there baking me crazy, i know that i mentioned before that i grew up in fontana but moved when i was 18 anyways thats beside the point of your question. I would probably charge $2.50 to $3.00 per cupcake.
I've never used that kind of buttercream but if its coming up off the cake like that I'm thinking it needs to be thinned more so its easier to spread. As far as the bulging goes I'm gonna post a link on here to a thread about how to stop bulging from happening. Hopefully this helps if not let me know and ill try to help you more.
Here's the sps system..You would still need cardboard rounds . I don't know all what you need to buy for the system I've never used it. Cardboard rounds has a bunch of flavors so far my favorite is the ultimate vanilla cupcake. Here's that recipe
You can bake and freeze the cakes now just cling wrap them really good and when you thaw them out leave the cling wrap on them on your counter while thawing. You can decorate the cake the day before the wedding and have the cake sit out overnight as long as your not using anything perishable on the cake. As far as cupcakes go like I said I've never froze them before they get eaten around my house way before I can freeze them. I do have a awesome vanilla cupcake recipe...
Yep I only use high ratio shortening in my buttercream. . Not greasy gross crisco it makes s world of difference.
I on the other had think it would be fine to use them.
Lmao I didn't even really look at the dog....yes he's very ugly.
Here's a pan set that are odd sizes like Annie talked about.
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