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You can bake and freeze the cakes now just cling wrap them really good and when you thaw them out leave the cling wrap on them on your counter while thawing. You can decorate the cake the day before the wedding and have the cake sit out overnight as long as your not using anything perishable on the cake. As far as cupcakes go like I said I've never froze them before they get eaten around my house way before I can freeze them. I do have a awesome vanilla cupcake recipe...
Yep I only use high ratio shortening in my buttercream. . Not greasy gross crisco it makes s world of difference.
I on the other had think it would be fine to use them.
Lmao I didn't even really look at the dog....yes he's very ugly.
Here's a pan set that are odd sizes like Annie talked about.
Yes I agree its best to make what dad DH would probably prefer chocolate chip.
THANKS . At least I got a few hours sleep ,didn't think that my tooth would llet me.
Here's an interesting thread about copyrighting
I hate going to the dentist because they have trouble numbing me up it doesn't usually take so than they have to use gas on me and I still feel some of the pain... but right now I'm in constant pain so hopefully they'll be able to fix the tooth and take away the pain.
I don't feel that you're crossing the line, I mean at least you asked the other bakers permission to copy her work. Now I'm not sure but because its a hello kitty cake there might be copyrights on it meaning whoever created hello kitty has copyrights to it, you can get into trouble by making a cake if it had copyrights to it..its highly unlikely that the original copyrighter would contact you but you are suppose to get their permission to copy any likeness of hello...
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