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Wow that shoe is adorable!
Oh man I'm jealous!
I've read on here where people just buy an extra cake mix and use that to add to the smaller amount of the new cake box getting it back to the 18 oz size than go from there with the WASC recipe.
Yeah I think buttercream would just crumble and break, if you're looking for a white look you can use white chocolate.
I simply use herseys hot fudge topping as filling in between my cake layers.....its to die for and quite yummy.
Wow very impressive absolutely just beautiful. Or maybe this
Here's a thread about how to make a shoe click on the links
I know that you're asking leah about her agbay and she'll probably reply....I don't own one but have heard nothing but good about them . I've read on here of so many people wanting to own one. Here's there website they have a video of a lady using it. Only complaint I've read about it other than the cost of course is that it works so good that you only get to use it for a minute.
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