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Have you ever painted on buttercream using gel colors? Its gonna be way different than painting on a canvas using acrylic paints.
Crusting buttercream recipe How to smooth buttercream video
White almond sour cream
Looks like you need to let your cake settle.'s s thread about how to do that read the whole thread
Here's a video on how to pipe a buttercream
You're welcome cazza1 , I can't believe how cute that shoe is. Would love to see pictures of yours when your done.
There was a shoe tutorial on here just today.Shoe is absolutely
I didn't watch these so I'm not sure if its what your looking
For the herseys I warm it up in the microwave for 15 seconds just enough to make it spreadable on the layers of cake it does need a good buttercream dam around it but it is quite yummy.
Yes a picture tells a thousand words and maybe we could help.
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