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In the UK you can use shortening as your base . In the UK shortening goes by the name Flora White or Trex. If you need a recipe for buttercream just personal message me and ill give my recipe.
I don't ow n an agbay but it is on my list of cake things to buy....I've heard nothing but good about it. The only complaint I've ever heard about an agbay.. .If you want to call it an complaint is that the agbay works so great that you only use it for a few seconds with each use because it works so good, so that being said I'm saving up to buy a agbay!!
I've seen this style before but never really paid any real attention to I'm gonna have to at least try this out to see how it the O.P. don't give up! You got this.
I agree with making a nice cake for the bride and groom than make a bunch of kitchen cakes to make up the difference in severings. And who even knows 1500 people? And all of their addresses to mail out invatations? All I can say is WOW! =-O
I'm terrible with pricing so I won't even go there...I just want to say your cupcakes are absolutely adorable!
Hope this helps
Welcome to all the new comers....warning this site is very addictive. Have fun and Happy baking
Hello and welcome to cc be careful its a very addictive site!!
That sounds good. I'm not trying to discourage you I'm a painter too and I know its hard to paint on different surfaces.
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