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Posts by kazita This is a link to a 14 inch square plateau but if you Google cake plateaus you get tons on websites with choices. I personally like Amazon just because there a well know site.
I agree I would get s 14 inch for a 12 inch cake but the last one I gave you a link to says its 14 and 3/4 inch big but I personally think its beautiful. I think it should hold a 3 tier cake just fine. I'm thinking the more intercate sp? They are the more expensive they are...but that's just my opinion. This is one I was trying to post but for some reason my phone wouldnt cut and paste it but now it did....I just think this one is pretty and not to badly priced but again I would Google and look thru all the sites to find one you really like. HAPPY BAKING
I googled 14 and 16 inch cake plateaus than just started looking thru the websites to see what I like. I think if you have a 12 inch round you might need a 16 inch round stand. I personally would go for a square stand just because I don't think a round cake looks bad on a square stand to where I think a square cake would probably look kinda odd on a round one. .but that's just my opinion. I would say be prepared to spend a good $100 to $150 for a nice stand. Im not sure...
What a cute cake that ended up being!
I p.m. you my recipe for future inquiries you can go to the top of this page and type what you're looking for in the search bar....but I don't have a problem answering questions here either. HAPPY BAKING! !
I use to use Crisco but now think that's gross. I switched to high ratio shortening. .it taste so much better...than instead of using water I use heavy whipping cream . It makes it yummy.
In the UK you can use shortening as your base . In the UK shortening goes by the name Flora White or Trex. If you need a recipe for buttercream just personal message me and ill give my recipe.
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