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I started out making wilton buttercream but I've now made lots of tweaks and changes to it... If you would like my recipe pm me and let me know.
That cake would be well over $100 in my area... $30 or $40 wouldn't even cover your cost of ingredients much less all your time you put into making the the way its a very cute cake. Hopefully this is the right link to making the pom poms.....beautiful cake
Yay happy to help....HAPPY BAKING This one with lights on it would be real pretty on a cake Not sure if you want to decorate with real or not....I googled artificial twigs a nd got several sites maybe you can find something. Hope this helps
2 of the stands I showed you from Amazon.. I think there really pretty but obviously it's up to you would buy.I hope you're for.
There called turn tables or lazy susans depending on where you get it. I have a wilton turn table that I bought from Michaels craft store using a 40% coupon , but my husband bought me a really nice one for Christmas at bed bath and beyond. Welcome to cc and HAPPY BAKING
Nice cake and you did a nice job on the bow.
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