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Thats so beautiful. ..its stunning
I totally agree..let it go
What she said ^^
Go to then look for their ultimate vanilla cupcake recipe..
Im sorry no one has answered your question I would truly like to help but I dont know what colors to tell you to use...hopefully someone will chime in and help...however I'd like to welcome you to cc....welcome and happy baking. ..
Mmmn yummy coffee! !
Who feeds their 1 year old cake that late at night?? I guess takes all kinds...
Oh there you go let them pick it up...I wasn't saying to stand out in the cold if thats what it sounded like...but now their willing to come get it problem solved. ..
Lol im in now for the nightI know k8 its a small order...idk im torn too ....I do know its darn cold out
I just had to go back is really really cold so I do understand that you dont want to go out but I still think it will hurt your reputation as a baker if you dont...bundle up and try to stay warm....
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