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Ive never had it myself but have read and been told its very yummy! !
Sorry but I absolutely hate Crisco, I only use high ratio shortening. ..which I get from a speciality cake store...but if you're in the UK you probably have no other choice but to use Trex....anyway Happy Baking! !
Ok im really sorry I can't answer your w question. .i dont understand how it works either...there are lots of people on here who will probably know the answer. .they just by haven't posted yet....I can do this for you. ..I found a great website that has alot of cupcake recipes...ive made the ultimate vanilla cupcakes and the chocolate ones...both of them turned out way more then perfect! ! Even my picky daughter loved the vanilla ones...she even had me make them for her... ....go on there and look for there ultimate vanilla cupcakes. .ive made them several times. .always turn out great
What a pain in the butt..
I know how to get a picture on here with my phone... you take a picture of what you want to share then you come here...theres a little paperclip right here above this post right under where it says click on thar paperclip and it brings up another box. .it ask you for a just click on that then it will ask you where youre getting your photo from..I click on documents then that will take you to your recent pictures click on the picture you want to share...
What are you trying to put on the cake pop?? Like a flower or what??
Ok I just got home from walmart and I saw that wilton sells silver foil cupcake liners 24 for $1.50....just throwing that out there....
Now im just throwing this out there...but you can buy silver foil reynolds cupcake liners at a grocery store...but im not sure if they are as nice and dont know how much they cost.. I love these!! Yummy!!
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