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Awesome tip,cakewitch.Thank you.
Or just use a store bought jam (raspberry and apricot are traditional) straight from the jar. Just a little smeared on one cookie and sandwich them together.
Congratulations and good luck to y'all. My daddy grew up in Cobb County.
Any cake can appear fancy with a swirl of buttercream. I suggest you use a recipe you already make and like. It would no doubt be very good. For the dessert theater, bake a sheet cake if you feel comfortable making something that large, or several 10 inch cakes. Does the church kitchen have baking pans for your use?
Please explain what you mean about attach sticks to bags for cookies.
I worked in every size production from retail bakeries to factory bakeries with massive equipment. Scaling up for retail bakeries is simply multiplying recipe ingredients. But when factory equipment is used, then the balance changes. Don't want to fight with anyone. This is my experience.
Cake recipes should all bake correctly as cupcakes. If you have a problem, then the recipe is not balanced or pan size is not correct or baking time needs to be adjusted. Good luck.
Your decorating skill is evident. The cake is beautiful. And the height is nice. Just a little too round for a heart design. But your customer should be pleased.
When the weather turns very hot, I bake during the night when it's the coolest.
Event planners are usually people who can't make it doing anything else. I've been in the industry many years and I've seen them come and go. This new nitwit will knock herself out of the ring. (Her next career will be as an assistant store manager at the mall.)
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