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What I have done before on things like these is blow the photo up n my computer as large as I could. Then cut out the section I needed. Printed it our and made my own template from it. I had to work with it a little to make sure the proportions were okay but it worked. Maybe you could do something like that.
Thank you both very much! I was hoping you would say that. I just needed a confidence booster!
This is only my second stacked wedding cake, third wedding cake total and now I am having serious doubts about one of the elements of my planned cake. I really need some expert advice please! I am making the wedding cake shown below and my origonal thought was to tort and fill the 2 inch cakes but now I'm not sure if the 12" round cake could Handle all of the weight sitting on top of it even with dowels inside of it. Honestly it didn't even occur to me until today! I...
Thank you so much Dreamacres! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. This was a lot of help!
I have a bride who has requested this cake for her wedding.  When looking at it I am having trouble figuring out if the textured cake is a standard 4" high or if it is a double barrel and the smooth cake 2 inches high.  But if it is a double barrel I would think that would look off.  I'm just having trouble wrapping my head around it.    This wedding is expecting 240 guests at the reception.  I am doing a grooms cake to go along with the bridal cake.  I was thinking of...
I buy the liquid kind at my local Gorden Food Service but my SAMs Club does sell both the buttercream and the bettercream (the pre whipped kind) although I have never purchased it from them. When I called to check on the price they just asked that I give them 24 hours notice.
I know you were looking for help a few days ago, but I'll post any way. You will need the liquid Riches Bettercreme (note the spelling) and a strawberry jam or jelly of your choice, I use Shmuckers brand. Whip up the Betercreme (I over whipped it to make a stiffer mousse) then fold in your strawberry jam until you get your desired flavor. That is what I did for a wedding at the end of March and everyone loved it. I hope this helps!
I just wanted to say Happy Happy Birthday! My little boy just had his first birthday party today (he turns one on Tuesday). His older brother (my 2 1/2 year old) helped with the cake. He is the official egg getter and taste tester.
Actually the lady who made my wedding cake had in her contract that the dowels were to be washed put in a plastic bag and returned with the cake stand. She even listed how many were in each tier of the cake and the total number to be returned. If we didn't return them then we would have lost some of our rental deposit.
I'm working on establishing my prices and policies and was wondering what equipment you rent, your deposit and what you charge for the rental. How do you handal it if your item returns damaged and you have to replace it? Do you decorate the cake table and if you do, what do you charge? My thought as far as the deposit it would be the replacement cost of the item pluse 10% for the inconvenience of having to go out and replace the item. So the things I was thinking would...
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