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I've never tried holding a cupcake tasting event, but I've read plenty of fun filled stories about them online. I'm wondering if anyone here has tried hosting a cupcake tasting event and if they have any advice or tips they would be willing to share?
I have a request from a friend to bring a cake down to her but she lives Downtown. I would have to bus and subway there with a cake. Is there a safe way to do this without having the cream cheese melt along the way? It's around a two hour ride so I'm concerned about how well it will hold up during the travel. It also has ladyfingers surrounding it, but I'm planning to tie a ribbon around the entire thing so they don't fall off. Any suggestions and advice you guys can...
Wow! Thanks for the advice everyone! I'll definitely try freezing the cake longer to see if it will help as well as leveling it more.My family enjoys chocolate cakes so it would be awesome if someone could suggest a more stable chocolate layered cake recipe like scp1127 mentioned?
sour cream definitely helps make those chocolate cupcakes moist!
Thanks for sharing! Really appreciate it!!
I tried making a layered cake for the first time a few weeks ago and I noticed that when I started to apply my mousse and curd layers, the cake began to crack. Even worse, the top layer ended up breaking when I tried to place it on the finished layers. Can anyone help me out? I want to make more layered cakes, but I would like them to stay intact
Hi! I'm not sure how helpful this might be for you all, but I'm starting out myself. You can try using this sharing platform called to make a posting and spread the word about your business. I started posting up my cupcake and baking stuff up there a little while ago and I'm getting a pretty good response!Best of luck with your business!!
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