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In my mind, the flavor of your cake is going to be overwhelmed by the frosting. If you wind up using orange and lemon cake, a very light-colored lemon or vanilla frosting on top would be really good.
I have a pizza stone that we use, and my crusts come out really great. Do you guys think I can us it for cookies, too? I can probably fit about a dozen or more average sized cookies on it.And if you can't use soap, is warm water enough to keep it sanitary? Is there another cleaning solution, like apple cider vinegar and water that I can use to clean it?
My Grandma always used to make iced cookies dozens at a time, and put them in tupperware, separated by a layer of plastic wrap. If you make your own icing on the stove instead of using the store-bought stuff, the icing will melt in your mouth if you eat them cold. That's what Christmas tastes like at our house.Definitely freeze them, use wax paper or plastic to separate them, but don't put them into the cold until the icing is completely cool.
I was going to suggest parchment paper.Have you decided how you're going to represent the game pieces (Ms. Scarlet, Col. Mustard, etc.)? It seems like you could really do something detailed with some airbrushed color on some hard sugar cookies. Too soft and they might break, but if you are simply staking them into the cookie gameboard, they should stay upright.
Oh I like that!
Wow! Those are amazing!
Sounds delicious, and looks like a great collection of talent!
Never would have thought of that! I am going to have to give this a try.
Yes, that is what I have seen. Just add a little more shortening.
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