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Are you allowing the cakes to cool before you run the knife around the edges? I find that Jen's recipe does not stick to the pan so long as it is properly prepared so I don't need to even run a knife around the pan to release the cake. I have had this problem with other cakes (particularly a chocolate recipe I have been tooling around with), though, and I find that allowing it to completely cool makes a difference.
The Carma tastes good! I have made MMF and MFF. MFF is definitely tastier than MMF but Carma is a very different bird. I had a non-fondant eater try it this weekend and she was shocked at how good it is, as was I. The only thing I don't like about it is not being able to say that I made it myself. I'm big on doing everything from scratch, but I'll just suck it up for this. The benefit, even when people don't eat it is twofold: 1. It handles beautifully! Easy to...
I ordered it from L'Epicerie. You can order lessor more than I did, so if you just want to try a little before jumping in whole hog you can order a 22oz container for just $11.70.
My new love arrived today and she is everything I ever hoped for! She smells wonderful, she tastes fantastic and smooth. No tears, no elephant skin, beautiful finish and such a lovely bright white. Worth every single penny! I paid $46.50 for 7 pounds and hardly used any to cover an 8x4. That's about $6.64 per pound, and considering that WalMart sells a pound and a half of Wilton for $9.97 for the colored stuff and $6.50 for the white, I consider this a...
I have always used a combination of either vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract with almond extract and never have seen these spots. But maybe it is something about your specific batch of vanilla extract that caused it. Sorry you did all that baking for them to turn out that way. That is pretty frustrating!
They almost look like poppy seeds!
Oh, that's Sweet Sugar Belle's recipe. I have used it often and never had these brown spots pop up. I think it must be mold. Unless something from your baking pan is leaching ino the dough? I always bake on parchment paper. What a mystery!
I would add a drop of brown as well, and maybe a dark red or burgundy if you have it. Ivory is often too pink.
I'm not sure what that is, but it does look like mold spores, doesn't it? What is your recipe? Maybe something in your recipe is causing the reaction? Can't imagine WHAT, but it's a good place to start.
I made a cake last night and having no Carma on hand, went back to good ol' Marshmallow Fondant. It worked like a dream. No tears, no elephant skin, rolled out nice and thin. A total breeze! And then I decided I would use the left over Michelle Foster's for my accent work but was reminded yet again how wrong we are for each other. It's like slipping back to a quickie with your ex even though he's toxic for you. . I might try adding white chocolate to it on a test run...
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