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I already use Wilton serving chart.But these cakes are going to be 2" tall, so 10 servings is about right.Also they showed me some pictures of their buffets, the slices of cake they have are as big as the slices in the pic!
Yes, you have to! And you need to write the allergens: wheat, eggs, milk, soy. Watch out with the ingredients, even wheat flour has more ingredients..
Thank you! I'm going to offer 8" cake, 10 servings for $30 plus taxes! They placed an order for tuesday to try my products, I hope they will like everything so I can get more business from them!!
the company my husband works for is going to have a meeting in Sept. with some clients and they would like some dessert style cake. What size should a dessert style cake be? I was thinking 8", 2 layers of cake and 1 of filling, 10 servings? like this pic? or is this serving too big?  
oh, and Are you sure you can sell to stores? I can't in my state, I should get a commercial baker license for that
First thing, did they tell you what's a large amount for them? Can you handle it? I think you should set a price based on quantity, for example: 1 dozen cupcakes: $XX 2 dozen cupcakes: $X of course you need to give them a good price, they need to be able to sell the product and make money as well.
Ganache is not high risk product.. infact does not required to be refrigerated! Yes there is cream, but the same quantity (or more depending on the chocolate) of chocolate, so it makes it very stable. I cannot use anything that need to be in the fridge, so no cream cheese frosting for example, but ganache has been approved by my environment departement.
I didn't try yet actually! I watched a tutorial few days ago aout making MMF and mixing it with some store bought one! 
I think I'm going to mix it with MMF, like that for me just doesn't work
What do you think with placing the cake in the freezer for 30 minutes or so? I'm afraid the fondant will melt when it comes to T room..
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