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I'm going to leave the crumbs out fro a couple of days and then I'll see what happens! thanks!   hey K8memphis! it's going great! I'm working in another place now, only baking anyways, 4 days a week! tomorrow I gotta go to get my last paycheck at the bakery.. I bet she won't have it like always.. The business is doing ok, I got a couple of small orders from friends and today I got a BIG order for this month!!! I hope this will help me out!
Hi everybody! I'm making some cakepops but my cake is so moist they don't need any frosting. The problem is they don't have enough lemon flavor.. how can I do? I was thinking to let the crumbs dry for a couple of day, or stick the pan in the oven.. any tip?   thanks
where do you guys order your gumpaste flowers? I have this cake for Sept 20th,but the customer wants different flowers together, some roses, tulips, peonies, daisies..    Also if you have a source for those butterflies would be great.. I was thinking to make them in gumpaste and hand paint them.. any tip?  
I know but after 1 year I'm so sick and tired of these things I choose to walk away like she didn't say anything at all!I already got a big order for September from an ex customer of the bakery..Karma.. is coming back!!
Well, last 5 days! I asked her about what to say, it seems like the other pastry chef is going to make all the work. She also asked for my recipes!! Heck no!! Can you explain him how to make this cake? Nope! Can you come and make this cake next month? Are you kidding me? No! Then she said I'm not professional..
 She used to be a manager for a couple of restaurants in town, then got this bakery that changed in bistro AND bakery. She hired chef, kitchen staff and 1 pastry chefs.One takes care of croissant, brioches, quiches, a couple of desserts and some prep for the kitchen. I'm the other pastry chef, I take care of all the cakes, desserts, truffles, cookies, special orders and meeting with customers. Before me she used to meet with customers and take care of the orders, the...
I'm pretty sure she is not going to replace me, it has been already a week since I gave my notice and there are no posts on craiglist or people coming for training.   The other pastry chef is going to make this cakes I guess, she also said she wants to call me for some complicated orders and she will pay me per cake. WHAT????? oh sure, I will come.. sure.. if I will have time.. not!!!!!   anyways, K8memphis, yes my recipes are always with me in my book, always in my...
This is not the problem. Customers often aske who is going to decorate the cake because they want to talk right to that person. I don't want to say it's going to be me if it's not true because if they deliver a bad cake it's going to be on me!
I finally decided to leave the bakery I work for, so I gave 2 weeks notice last monday. My last day will be next Sunday. I have few customers ordering cakes, cupcakes and cookies for the next months, people that even had cake tastings.  My boss told me to keep on taking orders but these people won't have the same products because all the recipes are mine and, of course, I'm not going to leave them at the bakery. (long story short, the new owner of the bakery doesn't...
congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, we want pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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