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I'm curious, how did it end up?
I was reading on this forum about wholesales because I'm interested into it (I'm licensed and insured, no worries). So I did my math and each cookie cost me .95 cent with bag and sticker. Is it too high? So my wholesale price should be $1.90 which it seems too much actually..  I get 2 sugar cookies at WholeFood last week, besides the fact they were dry and didn't taste good, they were cheaper than mine. They had a small container (24oz probably) with 12 sugar cookies...
I have the same problem now I'm trying to price my sugar cookies for wholesale.  Cost of my ingredients  went up, till 2 months ago I used to pay $2.50 for a pound of butter at the grocery store, now it's $3.50 (Sam's club $2.87)! How do big wholesale bakeries keep their prices down? Because I did my math and a decorated sugar cookie, let's say a pumpkin, costs me 0.94 cents, bag and sticker! I should sell it to stores for $1.90 which it doesn't make any sense for them..
thank you everybody! I'll try to ship with priority mail and see what happens!
Hi!! I want to ship some mini sugar cookies to my family, so it would be California, Texas and Colorado. Should I go with Ups, FedEx or a normal Post Office? advices? best results?   thanks
here they are!
I tried to add white, didn't work. I added a tiny drop of purple, it's better.. 
please help!!! I need to airbrush some flowers in hot pink, I got the electric pink (americolor) but it's not the right color!!   how can I get this color? can I mix another color to the electric pink?  
Unfortunately the customer already picked fondand flowers so I can't change it.. I just ordered 1" tea roses and spent around $150 but at least they are ready to go! thank you everybody!
hi all! I need to order roses to cover an 8" cake, about 4" tall, like the cake in the pic. I think I can use 1" sugar roses and have 4 rows plus another on the edge, 125 roses total. These are the roses I'm gonna order Do you think I should order 1.5" roses instead? any tip?  
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