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Hi all I'm trying a caramel mud recipe at the moment (literally in the oven).  I found whilst making it that its very similar to my whie choc mud cake (which i looove) recipe, using brown sugar instead of castor sugar.  Sooooo I was thinking maybe I could just convert my white choc recipe to caramel by changing the sugar?  Has anyone done this? My other question is my whte choc recipe contains sour you think leave it in or ditch it or replace it with...
Hi all I have a baby shower cake to make.... Flourless choc cake has been requested. Firstly, I need a recipe! Secondly advice!! Of the recipes I've found, most make a fairly flat, dense cake. I typically make layered cakes, covered with ganache and fondant, then decorated. 1. Can you stack flourless cakes? 2. Would choc ganache be too much on a flourless choc cake? 3. If I can stack and ganache, do they set up the same as other cakes, allowing me to fondant and decorate...
Thank you all!! I love the advice and help you get on this site!
Thanks guys. Think I'll go a 4, 6 and 8, making the base 6" high and the others 4" Follow on q though? Do I need to a support board / dowels in the bottom tier ? I've always put supports in between a dbl height(8") tier. And if so, would I support half way through, meaning the slice would be 3" tall when cut?? Thanks!
Hi all. I have a lady after this cake. Just trying to guess the sizes of the tiers. To me it looks like a 4", 6" and 8". But the height is what I'm questioning.....does the bottom look like a double 8"?? (20cm high?) Or do they all look the same? Any opinions would be appreciated! Thanks
Thank you both for your replies. As a follow on. Any tips as to how to stack 6" rounds on top of each other. My concern is if I ganache the first cake, put supports in and the second cake on top, how will the two be separated to be cut without being a huge mess ???
Ok, I'm doing 2 tall christening cakes. A 6" and an 8". Both will be double height (8") and I'll be using cake boards and dowels for support. Question Do I just ganache the bottom cake, put the supports in, and pop the second cake ( on a board) on top? What happens when it's cut? Won't the ganache make a sticky mess when separating the two cakes? Or do I not ganache the top of the bottom cake? Or do I put a thin layer of fondant in? I think I just answered it my head.......
Hi all I have to make a group of three cakes. One will be a two tier (8"and 6"), one will be a tall 8", and the other a tall 6". Each has a different height cake stand. She wants them all to be the same height once finished. My question is, how high can I stack cake layers before I need to support with a board and dowels? Can I do a double (8" high) stack without support between the two? TIA
Hi everyoneWondering if someone could give me a quick run down on how to create these gorgeous ruffles? Or any online tutorials that you knoe of?I love them!Thanks in advance!!
I have a cake being picked up fri arfternoon. I'm out all day tomorrow. So I have had to bake, split, fill and ganache tonight (wed night). I won't be able to cover in fondant and decorate til fri morn. I usually ganache, chill for 1/2-1hr, then fondant. Question is - should I fridge it or freeze it? And how long will it take for the core to come back to room temp for me to fondant it? It's an 8inch square, choc mud. TIA
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