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Thanks everyone! My fiance tried telling me I had just created a cake for Bert and its his day lol Winniemog, that is hilarious!! I think maybe 6 or 7 people had seen it and not noticed... So I was hoping the judges wouldn't notice it... The results are out and I didn't get anything, which I didn't expect to after all this. But now the show is open I can show you all the cakes...
Yes I would hope a lot of alcohol too lolI am getting married at Eagle Ridge Golf course (google it, its amazing)I'm not making my own cake...(I'm not silly, I know I would stress out!!) but I will post it after the wedding!
I'm getting married in four weeks and we met with our venue person the other day, and were discussing the menu. She said she had a couple who made all their 90 guests eat 4 courses of vegan food, plus sent them all home with slices of vegan cake!!
So today I delivered two cakes to the royal show for the decorated cake competition, after thinking how different my modern wedding cake was, I get there and theres a three tiered version of my two tiered one. Once I had told myself it was ok and theres no way either of us couldve know... I get home and look at the photos of my other cake... And I realise I have left the H out of birthday, so it says "happy birtday" I am so disappointed I had put so much work into them and...
Haha the bottle of jack daniels was because I was doing a jack daniels cake... I had to borrow a bottle of my brother because I dont drink! What you can't see is the pizza box, as we had a picnic dinner too.. however we call it a recliner dinner!
Excuse the mess (i'm mid cake) as with most kitchens... Just not enough bench space!
Hahaha I live in Carrum Downs (the nice part) so I understand.. Even I try to avoid franghanistan, but their spotlight is massive, and has quite a big range of cake things compared to springvale
Frankston had lots more then springvale... If you do go to sprinvales the cake boards are in the middle of a main aisle as you walk down to the back of the store (was near the curtains I think)
They seem to be moving towards mainly wilton things....I am in the im near the mornington peninsula so I have frankston and springvale to go too... Pretty sure its all of them as it was in the catalogue. I too have got into lifts and just stood there... Then been very confused when it someone opens it and I'm on the same level
Haha! Yeah I was like um I just want an icecream!! Yeah spotlight has a big sale on at the moment too... Satin ice 1kg for $(AU)13.99
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