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I am wanting to find butterfly images to print out on my printer to my wafer paper but have no photo editing software. dose any one have the images layed out that they could send me so I can print them
I have been seeing photos of cake coverd in fondant and they have nice sharp edge but I can't seem to get it with my shorting based icing been seeing post about ABC can you get sharp edge with it and how. as with my icing I can't get it pluse I have to let the cake sit over night befor I can put fondant on top is it less time with ABc
yes thank you
I hade a email from cake central how to do a gravity cake the one with the milk and slice of cake some how I deleted it dose Simone one have it they can email it to me or know where I can find it
I am wanting a small projector for my cookies and cakes not wanting to spend a lot what are good ones and where to get
I got it to work [IMG]
How much more water did you use
Hello I been doing cakes for 4 years now this year lots with fondant and don't have a week with no cakes latly I wake up dering tge night or in the am with tingling in hands is this from all the cakes I am doing dose not happen dering the day
Who has got this to work also how long to let it dry ?
Can you use it in the sugar veil lace molds ?
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