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I use Americolors too. Maybe I didn't add enough black plus I used lemon extract instead of Vodka. 
Have a cake order for Saturday with a request for cheetah prints.I cover my cake with MMF. How do I  keep black color mix  FROM turning navy/dark blue once applied to  MMF. I am referring to the outline of the cheetah prints. HELP!!!!!!1 
Anyone know where I can find a tutorial for the flower??. Is this a cutter or manual ruffling all the way??   Love this beautiful cake and flower by Yummy Treats by Yane!
If anyone has a good one please post. thank you!
From my experience it depends on the instructor. Course 1, the instructor was very laid back, course 2-4 I got feedback from others and signed up with the best instructor available. No regrets. 
I have a request for Cannoli cream between layers of vanilla cake. I have concerns with the cream going bad since the cake will be covered in MMF the night before the party, delivered by noon the next day and the birthday party is from 4-10pm.    Your thoughts, feedback please. Should I flat out say no??? or is there hope?
MMF and Duff (Ace of Cakes) brand. 
Not sure if you can add it at this stage. It is usually added when you get the marshmallows out of the microwave and they are soupy, so it mixes in. If you have glycerin, you can add a few drops and knead. Otherwise, putting it in the microwave for about 5-10 seconds and then kneading also helps make it more pliable.
Does your recipe call for corn syrup? This is ingredient makes it more pliable.  Check out Edna de La Cruz on youtube. She posted her MMF recipe and troubleshooting videos. 
thank you!I should have come here from the beginning. duhhhhh!!!
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