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  My cake on the top which you can find on my profile from earlier this year. Cake on the  bottom posted by someone else today and currently on the gallery.  
what's the deal???. I have purchased several classes at both the regular price and their so called sales. I received an email with a link to cake classes at 50% off the regular price. Now I log in here and the link is for the same classes at $14.99. What the heck????
Is there such a thing and where do I find?
Is there such a thing?
completely clueless on this project due in two weeks.  Do I buy the pan and save time? Any good tutorials out there? Tips for transporting cake? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is for a co-worker and do not want to dissapoint.  Here's the inspiration cake.
I had the same problem with all my cake batters. I used to bake with both, strips and heating core/nail.  First I thought it was the pans I use. I have both magic line and wilton, but it wasn't. Then I decided to omit the baking strips and see what happened. problem solved!
please.... i have searched online and nothing. 
Glad I can help! I am not a pro but have been using MMF and no other fondant since last Summer,hence, I've learned a few things along the way. Anyhow, search Rhonda's MMF recipe here or better yet on Youtube search for Edna De La Cruz's MMF recipe. It is pretty much the same recipe except you get to watch Edna make it. She's great!
I learned to make SMBC with Jen's (From Scratch/Beyond Buttercream) recipe and it always work. I have doubled and half the recipe depending on how much I need without problems. I have also up the sugar about an ounce more per recipe without any problems.    I tried Jessicakes recipe which I think is same as Elisa Strauss and did not really like the consistency and way too much butter for me. 
Too much powdered sugar and not enough MM and water. .All the recipes I've seen including one I use call for 15 ounces MM, 2tbsp water and up to the 32 ounces of sugar (depending on the weather or temp in your kitchen).The MMF stays soft when used for covering cakes. If I want to use for decorations I add tylose. Hope this helps..    also are you adding corn syrup for pliability etc???
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