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MANDY!!!  Welcome to our addiction!  So glad to see you on here!  ~SweetCakesbyAmy
Beautiful! =-)
Thanks it was a big hit! =-)
Here what I ended up doing!   
There are some seriously awesome cakes in here this week!  =-)  I FINALLY finished the one for my cousin.  Her and her family are moving to Puerto Rico and we are throwing her a farewell...
Welcome!!!!  I love that I found this club!  So much talent oozes in here~! =-) I am scared to attempt Chevron! You did an amazing job!!     As usual AMAZING cakes!!!!
HELLO Everyone!  I have been out and busy busy busy for the last couple Friday Nights! So glad to be back!  I am working on a farewell cake for a cousin of mine that is moving to Puerto Rico to become a missionary.  It's almost done!!  Also made a Lemon Chiffon cake with fresh Lemon Curd and White Chocolate Ganache---that was yummy!  Got 2 more smaller cakes to do then should be done for this weekend! Will post pics soon!!!!! 
WOW that is beautiful!  Thanks for the info--I may try it on a corner and go from there!  =-)
Thanks!!  I just wanted to be sure!  I am FINALLY using my airbrush this weekend!!!!
That is what I was thinking----The customer requested no fondant and I was thinking of a way to jazz up the cake...  I think I could get away with minimal fondant decorations that they maybe pull off....not sure how else to make the cake look nice....
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