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I use the wasc recipie. I am wondering how many cups of batter to use in an 8x2 round pan to get nice height for leveling thanks.
I use the wasc recipie for all of my cakes. My question is is there a way or another recipie I can use to use this recipie for a dozen cupcakes. They want a doz white and a doz chocolate and my recipie yeilds way more than that thanks....
Thankyou so much for the reply. That's what I was thinking do 4 inches and support them then a plate then 4 more inches thanks again
Hi this is the first time I have posted a question on here but I love the site and figured this would be the best place to go for my answer. I am making a wedding cake. The bottom tier is 12 inches round but I need it to be 8 inches high. The second tier is 10 inches round and only 4 inches high. The 3rd tier is 8 in round and 8 in high and last is a 6 in round that is only 4 in high. I need height in those tiers and I was wondering how I stack them and support them. Also...
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