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What amazing cakes! You should all be proud. Cat, so sorry about your nephew. Hope he is on the road to recovery. I had a baby shower cake. And a multiple person birthday cake. Had 20 pink roses cupcakes to do also, but no picture. Maybe they will put something on fb, so I can put it here.
I used the Wilton Cake Ball pan. On a 9X13. Not big enough for 60. I cut an arch out of one half of the hill to line up with the other half. Definitely cake.
Awesome cakes everyone! I just had MIL cake to do.
This is probably too late, but I just saw this on Facebook from Everyday Cake Ocasions (not spelled correctly). I never thought about using a star tip and alternating the direction to look like stitches
Thanks, ugcjill!
Mimifix, I think I figured it out. I'm using 2% milk instead of whole. Less fat. What do you think? So could too much fat be Sweetshop5's issues?
Tower is iced with buttercream then fondant, very thin layer. Yoda is just iced, no fondant.
Cool! Would love to see picture!
Not sure why it would get damp except maybe humidity. Where was the fan? On the side that cracked? Think it got too dry.
Ok. Thank you. I have no idea about "the science" that goes into recipes. I just follow them!!! Hope you, Sweetshop5, find a solution. Happy baking!
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