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Thanks everyone guess I just always second guess myself need to be more confident
I made a fresh patch of buttercream yesterday My buttercream recipe 250g Butter 5-6 Cups of Icing Sugar (so you know using a 250ml cup for each cup) 4 Table spoons of MilkIt has been in and out of the fridge all day yesterday and I wanted to use it today on cupcakes, how long will it keep for and can it stay out of the fridge or does it have to be stored in the fridge :S
Well I have went ahead and used it only a little spray and so far so good
I am making a playstaion 3 cake and was wondering if I can use the PME edible glaze spray all over the cake to make the black look shiny? I dont have edible glue or anything else in the house....thanks in advance
So when do you think its best to start making my controller out of the treats if the cake will need to be finish by 10am Wednesday, I think I will pour chocolate over it or maybe some sort of icing, I once tried to cover the Rice treats with fondant and it looked horrible, going to have a go this weekend as well.
The cake is being collected next wednesday, I was kind of having a trial run with it, think I might keep trying with the RKT (looking at me using the lingo lol I have until tuesday to get it right lol.
I am making a Playstation 3 cake and matching controller, I am having a hard time with the comtroller the cake doesnt sit right to keep the shape of the controller, any ideas how I can make a playstation 3 controller?? I am in the process of trying rice cripsy treats but I always have problems shaping rice crispys :S
I use both material style ribbons and ones that I have made out of fondant you can buy edible ones I however feel they are a waste of money...It really all depends on what kind of cake I am doing to what kind of ribbon I use.
Hi all I am going to be making some letters to stand on a cake, I however only have alittle bit of Gumpaste and am not going into to town for a couple days, How much Gumpaste powder do you think I need to mix with Fondant so that it hardens well enough to stand on my cake without crumbling?
I will have to try that I was kinda of hoping for something that might cook a bit quicker as the sponge I bake with now takes about 1hr 40-50 mins and almost the same recipe thank-you for sharing
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