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Whadya know! They were made by Reynolds!
Is your cake of just Po himself? Or are you looking for suggestions for a small Po for the top of a cake?? I wish I could find my pictures¡KI¡¦ve made a full size Po before, using the Wilton wonder mold Barbie cake pan and the sports ball pan for his head. I cut off the top of the wonder mold pan to reduce the taper and give him less of a neck and sat the sports ball (the full round one) on top - secured with a plastic dowel¡Kthen filled in his limbs with rice krispie...
I found some locally at Michaels. I'm sorry - I don't remember the brand, but they were foil lined and worked beautifully. They only had them in packages of 36 though - which may not be enough for you. I'm going back tomorrow and can check on the brand if it's of any use to you?? Let me know.
I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this - but I'm glad that I did think of it!! I've been making cake pops by the zillions lately and was pulling my hair out trying to find something to hold them upright while they dry...until I found a dollar store pool noodle!! I taped the ends together to form a ring and poked holes in it with a skewer (spelling??) Works great! Holds well over 50 pops and won't tip over!! Plus - it washes very well and is easy to carry -...
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