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What color is Iron man?  I have made red fondant, what gel colors should I add to make a color like iron man?
I ended up buying a craftsy class.  Here what I made
Hey, Thankss...  i am still confused.....How the paint tube in holding up?  You said add more fondant to give curved looked...but its a fondant not wood so how the paint will hold upright?....
Hello all,   Anyone here who can help me how I can make this cake "painting dripping on the cake look"  Anyone who have done these type of cake and don't mind explaining please.  Thankss
Thank you so much for your time.  I learned a lot from this!!
I have to make a cake similar like this next month.  what did you end up using? royal icing?  any advices please?
Lady asked me to make 7 tier cake for 80ppl feeding.  My plan is to buy 16",14",6"4" dummy cake and 12",10" & 8" for real cake.  So, the real 3 tier cake will be in the middle and bottom 2 tier and top 2 tier will be dummy.  I have never done more than 3 tier cake.  Anyone can help me how can I stack the cake so it doesn't fall off?  Do u guys think 2 dummies on the bottom would hold 3 tier cake weight?  please help.  thanks
Thank you so muchhh :)))
    Hello everyone?   Any one please help me how to make dinosaur neck?  This cake picture from "50 easy party cakes book"  has anyone ever made cake similar like this.  any you tube video.  I found one link but they are not showing how to make a neck, just a cake.   Thanks guys
I agreed with you Pam.  I actually made one batch of Gluten Free cupcakes for trial and end up giving away free to my friends to try out.   MimiFix: How can you make your kitchen Gluten Free?  Never heard that!
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