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It freezes and thaws great
I've made TONS of rosette cakes this summer and was hoping to do something a little different :)
 You have me intrigued with using a leaf tip to ice a cake....I've never thought of that!  Do you have a picture you can post so I can get a visual?  I do like using various tips to ice :)  I've made one gum paste flower before and it didnt turn out all that great, at least in my perfectionistic I also just remembered that I ordered some new fondant cutters not long ago so I'll see what types of flowers I can make with them :)
I'm a hobby baker and I was asked to make a cake for approx 30 people for a co-worker's going away luncheon. I do mostly wedding and character bday cakes and I'm totally drawing a blank design wise on what to do for this event. I work with buttercream only, but will do fondant accents. Does anyone have any suggestions on a design that would be fairly quick and easy as I will have to decorate in the evening after work for the next day.   Thanks :)
I forgot to add that the newspapers in the box helped weigh it down as I find my cupcake bouquets are top heavy.
I ran into the same darn problem a couple of months ago!  LOL!  I had to transport 7 to a retirement party and had no idea what I was going to do. Then I spotted a box that was used for transporting potted flowers and it had round sections in the cardboard for the planter to sit. I grabbed it and took it home!  LOL!  But the box was only going to hold four. When I got home, I looked for a box that had a lid that wasnt too big that I could fit the other three into. I...
To meet all of your requirements, I think you're kind of stuck with American Buttercream. While Vancouver Canada isnt quite as hot as Australia, I've had great success this summer using the following recipe for over 1000 cupcakes this summer:   1 cup salted butter 1 cup shortening 1 kg icing sugar 2 tsp clear vanilla Butter extract - I find this helps to reduce the sweetness 5-6 Tbsp high fat milk   This makes a nice smooth buttercream that is a little...
Thanks for your reply and the tutorial link :) While the tutorial is very informative, I was hoping to find some direction on how to use the stamen that I already have :)
Hi there :)   Just wondering what the difference is between the stamen that have wire and the stamen that have string, besides the obvious! LOL!  I know one is wire and one is are they used for different types of flowers? I have a package of double headed stamen that are on a string that was given to me and I can't seem to find anything on the internet that indicates how these are used. I can imagine how the wired ones are used but not the string...
Thank you everyone so much for all of your advise   Hmmmmmmm, fondant or gumpaste, fondant or gumpaste?...LOL!  Everyone has very valid points about each and now I'm in a conundrum about which to use!  LOL!  How about a 50/50 mix of fondant and gumpaste??
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