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thanks, i'll try agian violet with pink.
unfortunately i've already tried doing that, but nothing came similar to that colour!
Hello there,   Can anyone help me please, I need to make this cake(picture attached), a Lalaloopsy face! but can't get the colour of her hair. I've tried violet and also the deep purple but with no results. Any suggestions please? It is very urgent as I need to do the cake for tomorrow evening.   Thanks alot. Ritianne Pace        
Hello,Thanks alot for your help much appreciated. I looked in your lilnks. Thanks alot. I thought maybe of doing a 2 tier cake covered with fondant. I just want a theme that suits both mother and son like for example the little mermaid and her father (which is not good as this has to be for a father and daughter).Any ideas please? Thanks.
Hello there,Can anyone suggest an idea of how to decorate a birthday cake (one cake) for a mum and her son of 5 who have their birthday both on the same day please?Ritty
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