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oh i would like to see the competition video i am sure it will be amaizing do you have any more information so i can google this
sooo its final no cake under this blob of cream   and dont try to do this at home but it still fun to watch
i am disappointed !!  no cake??!!
Hi!! when i saw this video i was amazed, thaugh to share with you gyus maybe you know about this, but i am an amateur, and this is new to me   do you think he uses BC or whipped cream ? do you know what this technique is called?
i am a working mom so when i plan to make a cake i have a very small window of time to bake and decorate and usually our events are one saturdays too so what i do is: i prepare and buy all the thing i need on monday make fondant on tuesday (MMF) bake on Wednesday frosting on thursday torting and filling on friday decorating on saturday   never had a problem with this schedule   if you want you can bake and freeze the cake month a head   good luck
the pink is a nice idea   but to be sure does pop cake mixture will hold under fondant?   thank you for replying
Hey bakers Does any one know if I can use cake pop mixture as boobs in corset cake I made a sponge cake that didn't rise properly I dont want to trew it away I'm thinking of re use it for boobs I want to cover the cake with fondant Thanks in advance
i bake my cakes before 4 -5 days and put them in cake keeper in the fridge not in the freezer and its always moist and delicious never heard any complains
Let's share our favorite way to roll fondant and transfer it to the cakeI roll it between two vinyl sheets thats really helps me when transferring it to the cake and give me a chance to adjust its position without stretching What's yours? The Matt? A rolling pin??? Your hands??
hey bakers !!! if you don't want to use the BEAR pan you can take a look to this tutorial that i found on facebook it's veru helpful!/media/set/?set=a.401396389889796.109060.150135368349234&type=3
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