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I do normally let mine sit as long as I can, but sometimes it has to be used quickly. In this case if kneading in more powder sugar isn't working I roll out on cornstarch...cornstarch seems to dry it up right quick...I have used that many times in a pinch. Also I seem to have this problem when I incorporate corn syrup in my recipe...not sure if you do that...but if you know you need to use it right away I will leave it out...or only add it to the dark colors.
I just about wet myself this morning when I heard the tagline on the news...I just switched to Sweetex....guess I will head to my supplier and hoard up like a thief in the night :/
yes I think that will be cute...does she only want mario? I wonder why the mom wouldnt just let the birthday girl pick out the cake...big deal if it isnt pink ya know?! The girl may have been just fine with a traditional mario and a scene out the game...tisk tisk...either way I cant wait to see the end result! My brother made me do a green turtle shell as his cake last year...this thread is bringing back fond memories lol
Im doing a mario cake this weekend however they want the traditional type setting with the skyline...what if you did a white / pink iced caked with mario as a topper? I have played many of these games in the franchise many many years ago and Im not recalling any pink scenery...except for princess peach..please let me know what you come up with because now Im intrigued!
I use the same recipe that was stated above...but I also add 1tsp of corn syrup to help with elasticity...the recipe used in that blog is also on this site (thats where I found it) I have been making it for years and never have a problem...your recipe may be salvageable if you use less sugar...not sure if you tried that already
I love my airbrush but it sure is will get color all over even with an alcove...just be prepared to mop Also to get a worn out leather look I dye my fondant and the take a crimpled paper towel and apply color directly to it in blotches and then blend...thats how I made the spellbook in my pictures
I did this exact same thing...too much black...sorry but nothing saved mine....I wasted alot of white opinion is to start over :/
You did a fantastic job!!!!
This is my biggest fear anytime someone picks up a tiered cake from chest is tight until I know a cake has made it to its destination safely...definitely ask for a re-do
living on the gulf coast I never refrigerate fondant of any kind....the humidity here destroys it once its pulled out...but I have heard some brands of fondant hold up better than others...I use mmf and it just doesn't work out for me
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