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Ok, the season is here! Any suggestions on how to make deep red and vibrant blue for the cake batter??? I'm gonna make a 3 layer... red, white and blue... I read about using color powder... would kool-aid mix work for coloring batter like it does for frosting??
omgosh! ignore my question about using fondant to cover it!! I just reread your statement about making the fondant look realistic!
Thank you cakeyouverymuch! your cake is absolutely beautiful! So you did use fondant to cover it? and I totally love your idea of melting the "cheese" a little bit! I will attempt this for sure!
Hi all.. I'm pretty new here, but have been oogling at the picture gallery for quite some time now. I have 2 questions... any suggestions much appreciated! 1) I wanted to make an italian flag with gumpaste and just color in the red and green areas with the edible writers and write in the happy birthday message as well. I know that gumpaste is fairly similar to fondant with a slight difference, but my question is should I wait to color when it is all the way dried out after...
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