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Hi There,   I would use the rectangle tin as awell. Last car cake I made I used a rectangle tin, cut and stacked the cakes, then carved it down to shape. Most cars are really rectangles that have smooth edges, if that makes sense? Have fun with it. Love doing car cakes!
Hi Everyone,   I am thinking of getting the Wilton Roll & Cut Mat. What does everyone think?? Is it good? Do you find the markings useful?? Can you cut on it??   Thanks
I am by no means an expert on piping roses, but have struggled with them too. I have discovered that piping them with swiss buttercream gives me the best results.Attached is a photo of one of the 1st roses I piped.
Hi,Generally Fondant has a best before date on it which is different (by what I understand) then a used by date. I wouldn't imagine you would get 'sick' from eating fondant that is pasts its best before date as it is mainly made up of sugar.I'm sure there is some one out there that is more qualified at answering for you.
Congratulations on being asked to teach some lessons in cake decorating!!I am about to start doing some begineer teaching myself (mostly adults) and have had the same trouble as you - what to teach!One hour isn't very long and I figure trying to teach a class how to cover a cake in fondant in one lesson would be extremely difficult.I totally agree with what Chellescakes does. Start them with decorating cupcakes or biscutes, that way it should get them excited. Try to do as...
lulumae,Just wondering how your tree turned out? I'm wanting to do something similar. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks
I had a lady tell me the other day that she uses drum boards between her tiers. I thought they might be a bit too thick.
Hi,So what is the difference? Just the colour? Don't most people cover there boards in fondant??Bit confused?
Hi,I have just started up my own cake decorating supply business. I have a few good wholesale suppliers but am looking for any others out there that do a good deal. Anyone willing to share information??Also, I have had a few requests to stock cake mix. I can get it in 15kg bags. What if any legal/health issues are there in me dividing up the bag into smaller amounts (500g)?The business has only been opereating for a short time, but already I am slightly shocked at the...
Wait til I tell my husband! He will be over the moon! He is always coming up with weird cake ideas that sometimes my limited talent just can't produce the goods.Please let me know what you end up doing and we want to see a photo!Have fun!
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