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I recently changed my bakery name and won't have my new cards by the time I leave samples at schools and doctor offices.  Would you leave an old card?  I have since changed some info that is on the back so I thought of gluing back to back.  Or, just leave a note laying beside the samples.  I am really not crazy about either one.  Need your feedback.
I was informed by Kitchen Aid that the beater blade was not made by Kitchen Aid and they don't carry it. Where do you all get this? Do you believe it contributes to the motor burning out as the Kitchen Aid representative told me.
How do you bakers stay out of the frosting and keep from eating your baked goods. I have gained 11 pounds in 4 months.HELP!! I'M GETTING FAT! :
[img] Hobby baker about ready to embark on being a professional home baker. HELP! Has anyone had an experience or heard of anyone who has used a Kenmore Stand Mixer?? The 5 quart Elite looks phenomenal but I haven't seen any remarks on these stand mixers. And, by the way you ladies and gentlemen have been a huge help to me.Thanks. 4everfrostings[/img]
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