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so i am making two chocolate creme pies for thanksgiving,  worried about the transportation of the pie.   i have two ceramic pie plates that i could use for the pie or would using disposable pie plates work better?   i am transporting it 20 minutes away to my moms house i am worried i wont find a box or container big enough to hold the pie plates in anyone have any suggestions the ones i am seeing in the stores for holiday pies look only big enough for a unfrosted...
i decided i am going to do my apple spice cupcakes tinting my  burbon vanilla caramel marshmallow buttercream with the colors of candy corn and doing a three toned cupcake with two candy corns on top 
when i started doing cupcakes i did a box mix doctored up with oil and sour cream it worked to make the cupcakes moist and i was getting 24 out of them. then they cut on the box size and swore you could still get the same ammount bs so i started using an off brand cake mix that would give me 24 i used aldi brand and then price rite brand and the results were great but now i make my own batters from scratch and i find they turn out better and the taste is 100% better. 
i had that same problem this past summer i had gotten this tube of wilton standard liners from bed bath and beyond i used this chocolate base that i have been using for a while to make my cupcakes liners stuck to them and the cupcakes did not rise properly, i had 36 cupcakes that looked and tasted like crap,     i slept on it the next morning i went and re did the cupcakes with different liners using the same cake recipe and they rose and came out way better 
has anyone done the m&m kit kat cake? my thing is cupcakes and other baked treats. as for cakes i am still learning i did some amazing ganche topped cakes this past summer and it came out yummy.       so is it as easy as it looks? to make any tips    what kind of pan should i use i have a wilton 8 inch deep performance pan  i also have some 9 inch round pans. if i did the deep i could pour the whole batter in the pan bake then slice in half fill then decorate 
so i am making my apple spice cupcakes for our church potluck i am doing 2 dozen  i know how to do  a two toned using three piping bags two with the frosting add to the third bag and then pipe   but this time instead of doing my caramel marshmallow vanilla buttercream i wanted to tint them the colors of candy corn and pipe onto cupcake. my plan was to use the large star tip to pipe 1m   i saw somewhere online where the colors were layered in the bag side by side. does...
so the pastor at my church messaged me last night wondering if i would be able to donate some of my amazing cupcakes for a young adults (18-30year olds)  day retreat at the church other churches from our diocese will be participating in this they are expecting about around 20 people.   I said yes because its for a good cause and right now i can use all the advertising i can get. but the thing is with me i love to go over the top and i was planning on making 36 cupcakes...
i would use the same ones you are using now. the bakeries add more batter to the liner so you get more of a larger cupcake the books all say half full but you can go a little higher to get that look 
The last two I followed to a t and I didn't forget anything and they didn't come out after I looked at the can of baking powder my mom had at her house it said agust 2014 soluble it went bad I made another two batches this am without doubling it 16 min in oven and they came out perfict I also yesterday might has used the teaspoon for the soda and the powder and one calle for a tea the other a half tea
They come out killer so today I made 2 batches I had one in the oven then I was like crap no oil so I took it out threw them away second batch I was filling my liners and I remember crap no sugar so I dumped that and made two more batches with the right ingridence so I am not sure whAt happened
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