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Try this recipe. It is a huge hit at my house.   I always use fresh ginger and usually add about 1/4tsp of nutmeg. I make my own cinnamon chips using the following recipe.
That is the same recipe I use but I add 1tsp of ground ginger. It add nicely to the spice blend. It is our annual "Easter the Bunny Birthday Cake".
Google wacky cake. That will give you a good lactose free cake recipe - no eggs, butter/marg or milk. I haven't made it with rice flour but it is my go to cake for our friend with a dairy allergy. If it works for you with rice flour please let me know.
My local bakery did it for me. Try your local cake supply store to see if they know of anyone who will print for you. I found a home baker as a back-up through google.
Thank you to all of you for the feedback. The test results are as follows - all three stuck well and have not started to peel. Test 1 - water on the dried fondant - the black fondant bleed through a little. Test 2 - corn syrup - left a bit of a glossy sheen where the image wasn't covering the fondant. Test 3 - I was able to place the image exactly where I wanted it and it looks the crispest. I learned that it doesn't matter if the fondant is dry before you use a little...
Ok, so I have done three test patches - I added Delicious Desserts suggestion of water on the back of the image. I will let you know in a day or so which one has stuck the best.
The bakery put the printed sheets in a Luck's Bag so I am assuming they are Luck's brand sheets. I would think that most brands would be pretty similar. Maybe the bakery was just being overly cautious. Test 1 will be corn syrup and test 2 will be little bit of water. Most of the image sections will be going on buttercream except for the tires so they should stick easily but I wasn't sure about the dried fondant. Thanks again.
Thanks for the feedback. I think I will try the corn syrup. I was specifically told not to get the images wet - it was even suggested that I not put them in the fridge after applying them to the cake for fear of condensation causing them to run. As I only have one set of images, I may do a test with a section of the print out that is not needed for the final cake - I made an extra tire.
Hi all.   I am making tires for a car cake and have edible images to attach to the tires. Since I wanted the tires to be very sturdy I followed instructions I found through Cake Central and made them out of rice krispie treats and covered them in fondant then let them dry hard. I didn't have the edible image at the time I made the tires so I couldn't attach the image to tire while the fondant was still soft. Does anyone have a suggestion for attaching edible images...
Hi there.   Have any of the Canadian CCers had experience with the companies that do on-line mail order custom edible images? Your feedback would be appreciated.
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