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I have frozen, defrosted and then used block cream cheese in baking and icing with no problem. It was a little wetter but still tasted and looked fine.
Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I made my tires a week in advance. They were not to eaten just decoration/support so I didn't care if the RKT got really hard and nasty. Just follow the standard RKT recipe, grease a large muffin tin or what you determine is the correct size for your tires and really pack the RKT in hard. Crush the rice krispies. Once they harden a bit cover them with icing and then fondant. I found a tutorial how to somewhere but I'm not sure...
Hi there.   I am a hobby baker so one of the pros here may have a better/more stable suggestion but...I did something along the lines you are talking about. I made wheels out of RKT, stuck dowels in the RKT to connect two wheels to each other - axles - and let the RKT get really hard. Once they were hard I covered them with fondant to make tires - I let the fondant get hard too. I attached to the two axles to a board covered in fondant then placed the cake on the board....
I know the copyright police will be after me for this this one coolest cakes lightning mqueen pattern. There is a Dad on Coolest Cakes who has posted a couple of pages that you can print on edible paper that includes the tire graphics for Lightning McQueen. I used these images when I made my son's b-day cake this year.
Hi there.   Not sure of your experience level so I may be stating things that you already know. I am a hobby baker who bakes for family only but I have received some great advice here for 3d/carved cakes - you should be able to find bunch of info if you search carved cakes. The most important tip I have received for 3d cakes is to freeze your cake and carve it frozen. Make a template out of cardboard to make sure both sides turn out the same. For a vehicle make the...
Check with your airline and TSA or equivalent if you are not in the US. You don't want to get caught not knowing the exact rules. You probably want to get it in writing and take a copy of it with you too if you can take it with you.
Try this recipe. It is a huge hit at my house.   I always use fresh ginger and usually add about 1/4tsp of nutmeg. I make my own cinnamon chips using the following recipe.
That is the same recipe I use but I add 1tsp of ground ginger. It add nicely to the spice blend. It is our annual "Easter the Bunny Birthday Cake".
Google wacky cake. That will give you a good lactose free cake recipe - no eggs, butter/marg or milk. I haven't made it with rice flour but it is my go to cake for our friend with a dairy allergy. If it works for you with rice flour please let me know.
My local bakery did it for me. Try your local cake supply store to see if they know of anyone who will print for you. I found a home baker as a back-up through google.
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